Monday, August 24, 2009

Part Four: The End of the Beginning! ;)

The whisper....

May 14, 2009

What an emotional day yesterday! First, thank you that Candace's appointment went well--it was LONG, but good.....
...then we came home and of course it was hard for me to regroup after that and we did NO school. Nothing. I sent an email requesting to get on the waiting children blog and she emailed me back saying a few bits of info on the children and said that Kevin just got taken off hold, the family can't proceed. Immediately that began a chain of events and a rumble in my heart (insert that whisper) that led to us asking if we could put him on hold. I'm supposed to call this morning to discuss. I also emailed New Day and woke up to pictures taken just yesterday of little Kevin.
Oh God.
Lord, fling open the doors wide if he is ours...and God close them if he is not. Please grant me the grace to accept your will with joy. My heart is in this Lord. I want to squeeze his little hand--it's so pudgy and cute. Ground me in your truths.

May 15
Lord thank you for a great conversation--MORE than great! Decision: Unless a family who is dossier ready steps up to adopt Kevin before our fingerprint clearances come back, then he'll be matched with us! We got our fingerprints done quickly yesterday and turned them right back in! After that rush I felt I had just got off a 24 hour long roller coaster. Lord, it is in your hands. I waffle between peace, fear that he's going to be adopted by someone else, and fear that if he's ours we're facing weeks in a hospital--and possibly burying a child. This morning Rob came in while I was doing laundry and said with tears in his eyes, "He's my son". Lord your will be done. What's best for us, Kevin--what brings you the most glory.
Oswald Chambers: "Rise to the occasion--do what the trial demands of you. It does not matter how much it hurts as long as it gives God the opportunity to manifest the life of Jesus in your body...we are here to submit to His will so that He may work through us what He wants..."

May 19
2 Kings 3:18 "This is an easy thing in the eyes of the Lord." Yes Lord! Easy for you to make it stop raining here in Disney (that really makes me smile as I look back and read this journal entry! ;) and easy for you to make our fingerprint clearances come back A.S.A.P.

June 5
(insert loooooooong journal entry about Carlie being on stage with Kylie at the Miss Alabama pageant....)
Oh and in the midst of all this, when I came back from dropping off Carlie at Samford, in the mail were our fingerprint clearances from DHR!!!! WOW! Then after I picked Carlie up, on my way home Penelope called and said "GO HOME AND CHECK THE WEBSITE!!!!!" And guess what was beside Kevin's name? MATCHED!!!!! Oh glory! Thank you Lord! Baby Kevin! Kevin!!!!!!!!


Pandamonium Mom said...

Ah..I've read all four parts tonight. And it's an incredible, sweet, amazing story of God's hand in Kevin's life and in your entire family! wow!

MamaHen said...

Oh, can't wait to see him with your family. I know you can't either!

Aaron and Erica said...

I'm crying now...

Wow, this quote from Oswald Chambers: "Rise to the occasion--do what the trial demands of you. It does not matter how much it hurts as long as it gives God the opportunity to manifest the life of Jesus in your body" REALLY PUTS IT INTO PERSPECTIVE! Thank you for sharing it with us.

Our God is AMAZING...and you guys are being used in an AMAZING way!

Tina said...

What a beautiful ending!! He is such a doll! Ohh I know you can't wait to have him in your arms! God is so good! This is going to be such an awesome story to share with him one day! No doubt he was meant to be your son!

The Princess's Mommy said...

Bawling.My.Eyes.Out. Oh to have your faith, Laine. What an inspiration you are to so many, especially me! Can't wait to see that precious boy in your arms.

Love you,

Sherri said...

Loving the story.

Is he eating Slim Jims? Do they even have those in China?

Sherri said...

Oh, and I love the picture there of him with Janice. Isn't it nice to know that he is being cared for by some good old Alabama folk?

The Byrd's Nest said...

I am so inspired at how you just rested at His feet and waited. Truly you are an inspiration! get that little cutie home!!!!!!!

smallseven said...

Your level of surrender and patience both astound and convict me, Laine! Again,good old Oswald Chambers speaks again. God really talks through that man, doesn't He? Lord, give me the surrender and the patience of Laine! I'll keep little Kevin in my prayers, as well as the whole Ferrill bunch!

living4him5 said...

Precious...Just precious!!!

Hope for Lucy said...

Do you even realize how much of a inspiration you are to all of us. I know if I ever need that extra comfort, I can count on YOU!
Sweet have the BEST family waiting on you!!!

Love to all

ethel said...

We can't wait to have Kevin home in your loving arms, He doesn't have any idea what an incredible family is waiting for him, Not only the most loving parents, but, 7 loving brothers and sisters. And the most loving church family and friends. Welcome, Kevin