Thursday, August 20, 2009

Part Three--Silence

I don't know why I feel the need to title each part of this journey! Anyway, the reason I titled part three "silence" is because for months, we sat still...waiting on the Lord. We had no clue what He was going to do, we just knew we needed to wait.

March 11
Thank you Kevin is at New Day and may be coming to the Mayo Clinic! Oh Lord thank you also that they are working with an interested family for Kevin!
Oswald Chambers: "Waiting for a vision that tarries is the true test of our faithfulness to God."
If I allow God to plant me, rather than selecting my own spot to be planted, I will bear much fruit. Plant me God. Help me wait on your vision to be fulfilled in orphan ministry and another adoption. Help me "walk in the light" of your vision for me and to be obedient to your Heavenly vision.

April 2
Lord, when do you want us to start the adoption process again?

April 8
Kimmie, Quan, and Candace tattle-tale CONSTANTLY! Lord please give me wisdom in dealing with that each moment. Thank you they're healthy enough TO tattle-tale! Please forgive, cleanse, & change my complaining spirit. I love having 7 children--I do! Thank you so much God! Now....about adopting another one...I think you might have to actually move my hands and feet to get us started if that's what you want....neon it on Rob's heart...something!

April 9
Lord, should we start the process again? When?......Later today Rob said we need to get started and he wants whomever YOU intend for our family.

April 24
I am beginning to feel that urgency--that desire--to start our paperwork NOW. Please guide us in another adoption. Show us your will.

May 1
Lord, my heart gets all a flutter just thinking and anticipating who our next child might be! Like Carlie prayed yesterday, "whoever needs us the most". Precious! Protect and prepare that child, and us too.

May 4
Oh Lord sometimes I think I've had enough! I feel I already struggle with the 7 you've given me. But Lord--you are faithful! So whoever, us and may we OBEY. For YOUR sake, YOUR glory, according to YOUR purposes.

May 6
My heart is so drawn to Kevin--STILL. So is Rob's....

May 13
1 Kings 19:12 "And after the fire came a gentle whisper..."
Oswald Chambers: "God always instructs us down to the last detail. Is my ear sensitive enough to hear even the softest whisper of the Spirit, so that I know what I should do?"
Lord I want to obey your gentle voice!!

Little did I know when I wrote this in my journal on the morning of May 13, how the Lord would whisper to me that day....the sweetest whisper.


CK said...

Oh Laine,
Thank you for sharing the details of your incredible journey! It is so encouraging to know there are others "riding in the same boat" on this adventure of life and adoption. I love how you keep it real and I am so thankful for you!!


Man she really left a serious teaser on that last one... she knows how to keep a reader coming back. :-)

The Young's said...

wow Laine....thanks for sharing your journal. Very personal thoughts!! he going to get to come to the US for treatment?!?! I hope so!!! We're praying! Love you guys!

MamaHen said...

Laine, this is so exciting! Keep it up!

Tina said...

Ok you should write a book! I would buy it!


Keri Mason said...

This is the best story ever!

ethel said...

See, I was right, every agrees with mne, you do need to write a book, I would buy it too. I don't like being kept in susupense, I hope you will give us another chapter VERY SOON. Love you. Ethel

smallseven said...

I'd buy your book too Laine! I can't wait to hear part 4! The suspense is killing me, so hurry up, okay?
love you and praying for you and Kevin, and the whole Ferrill bunch!

Aaron and Erica said...

Okay...for real now, you need to just finish this up okay?!

I'm not saying, I'm just saying...finish this story!

Hee! Hee!

The Byrd's Nest said...

You make me smile....I just love how you are letting me peek into your heart. I am very thankful God put you into my life;)

living4him5 said...

Keep it coming girl!!

Love ya!

Waitingfaithfully said...

Catching up with you sweet friend . . . loving how you share your heart! Waiting to hear what the Lord whispered . . .

. . . waiting . . . . waiting . . . waitingfaithfully!

Love you, and lovin' Kevin's "God story" too!

Tina ~ xo

Mike and Barb said...

Wow, what an amazing and personal journey made public. Thanks, Laine, for sharing this with all of us!!
Can't wait to see what comes next :-)
Love, Barb

Keisha said...

Thank you for sharing these sweet moments.....
I love LOVE seeing God work and move in a MIGHTY way!! This is Awesome!

Connie J said...

Laine, what an amazing, loving God we serve ... and that He would whisper His plans to our hearts is awesome! Thank you for hearing His whispers.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. It is a blessing to read the journey God is leading you through. I am especially encouraged by the Oswald Chamber's quote: "Waiting for a vision that tarries is the true test of our faithfulness to God." Thank you for the time and energy you have invested in sharing this testimony.