Friday, October 16, 2009

I hear there's a birthday in the house!!!!!!!!

Please join me in wishing Rob a happy 40th birthday today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
seriously, he's so darn cute....won't you just tell him so? ;)


jhand said...

Wow! I get to be the first to wish you a Happy Birthday on your blog. Rob, I hope that your day was blessed and that this is your best year yet, as you add another blessing to your family.

Sending Birthday Hugs from Georgia!

Julie Hand and family

living4him5 said...

Aw, happy birthday Rob!!!! ENJOY!!


Stefanie said...

YAY!! Happy 40th Rob!!
And yes, he IS so darn cute :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rob! Welcome to the other side of the hill - 'bout time you got here! Now, who's going to dress up to greet you at Thanksgiving? Hope you have had an awesome day, and hope your team gives you a great birthday weekend!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Aww....Happy Birthday!!!! I know you are counting your blessings because you have an amazing wife!

Anonymous said...

That picture looks like Clay and Colby! Wow!

Happy Birthday!

Sherri said...

OMG! Your boys are CLONES of Rob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe my eyes!

Happy Birthday, Rob! It's not so bad to be in the 40 club!

Cindy Jones said...

Happy Birthday Rob!!!!!!! I hope that you had a great day!!!!

George will be joining you in the 40 club next month. :-)

Shalita said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB!!!!!! Thanks for letting us share in the memories!

You are one SUPA DADDY MAC!!!

Love you!!!!!

MamaHen said...

Happy Birthday Rob!

Okay, that is amazing how much Colby looks like him.


You guys are awesome, thanks so much for the birthday wishes. Laine made it so special with SOOOO many surprises, I didn't know when they would stop. She pulled it off once again giving me a surprise party without my knowledge. She invited Hannah Montana who was a hoot! She also invited Flo to my work birthday lunch who came to the Cheesecake Factory in a flannel bath robe, camouflage slippers, something inside the shirt which made her a little larger than two small pumpkins, a nice wig, and a southern accent that would make Forest Gump sound like a Yank. We have video if any of you want to bribe me to post it... ;-)

mr. officially old

Joscelyn said...

Happy Birthday Rob!!!

ethel said...

Happy Birthday, Rob. Thanks for leting us share in your celebration. What fun. Hannah, Flo, how mamy more girlfriends are you hiding. Laine will be SO jealous, hope she doesn't find out. You MUST post the video of Flo and I can't wait to Hannah in concert. Hope you enjoyed your special day, Just remember, PAYBACK!!!!! Look out Laine.,
Love you


Aunt Lyn said...

Wonder who's going to dress up to tease you at Thanksgiving??? We love you!

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday! - it is already off to a wonderful start!
Very handsome!

Rhonda Bryant said...

haappy birthday to Rob!!!!

Laine I am so sorry we were not at church yesterday! We had some girls spend the night. I apologize for not letting you know! :( We just ain't with it these days!!

The Princess's Mommy said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Rob! Wow! Sounds like you've already had an awesome day!!!