Thursday, October 29, 2009

(imagine a heralding trumpet blast)-updated

Hear ye Hear ye!

Come one come all to some ROCKIN' FUN for JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What: Church-wide Game/Domino Night and Rockathon for Special Needs orphans in China!

Where? Clearview Baptist Church (Pinson, Alabama)

When: Friday, November 20, 2009
6:00 p.m.

What to bring: Bring your favorite crock pot of soup or chili and a dessert! Also bring your favorite board game and dominos! We will begin "rocking" at 6:00 and dinner will be at 6:30. The rocking will continue on throughout our night of fun and games!

Why: We are raising money to buy rocking chairs and to help fund the expansion of New Day Foster Home, a home for special needs orphans. We all know how babies love to be rocked, and how much we LOVE to rock babies! This is not a custom in China, and the workers at New Day want to begin this tradition in their orphanage. New Day is located in Beijing, China and is currently in the process of opening a new orphanage in Southern China. There is a great need for help for the thousands of special need orphans in this area. Our new son Kevin is currently residing at New Day!

Sponsors: Are you interested in rocking? Each person who rocks will try to get as many sponsors as possible for their assigned time-slot to rock. Rockers will rock at 15 minute intervals. (We don't want anybody "chair-sick"! ;) Rockers may get sponsors to donate each minute they rock or a one time donation. All proceeds will go to New Day for rocking chairs and their new facility. There will be a FABULOUS prize for the person who brings in the most donations for New Day!!!!!!

If you want to be a rocker, email me ( and I will send you the sponsor guide and information. And if you just want to make a donation to the Rockathon, I'll give you that info too! ;)

ROCK ON!!!!!!!! ;)


Dollar General said...

I do ROCK!

But I want to rock with you as well! Keep me updated! I hope I don't forget! This is GREAT Laine! I've been wanting to DO something to make a difference! I've been feeling like I'm just living day to day...I'm excited about living out the gospel...

TanyaLea said...

Laine!!..this is a FANTASTIC idea! I would love to try and organize something like this around here sometime, too! You'll have to keep me posted on how this turns out. You know I share your love for the orphans and certainly for New Day!! They are a WONDERFUL organization and you KNOW they are good stewards of all the 'gifts' they receive!! I pray that God blesses your efforts ABUNDANTLY and that many future NewDay babies will be "rocked" to sleep in China!! <><

Have a blessed weekend!


Mom Of Many said...

I want to come!! What a great idea!! Love it!!

Gwen Oatsvall said...

I love that ... I need his size so I can send him a little gift ... plus I am running to the store right now to get me a FUDGE SNICKERS .... yeah baby ...

love ya girl bunches !!!!

MJ said...

I so wished we lived remotely close as to attend!!!

What an awesome, awesome idea!! I am praying you have a HUGE HUGE turnout and donation for New Day!

has my wheels turning, rusty, but turning as to what we can do up here in the northeast! hmm......