Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rockathon Part III--Let the rocking begin!

Rob put together a mix of songs about rocking like "Rocking around the Christmas Tree", "We will...we will...ROCK YOU", "Rock of Ages", "Jailhouse Rock" and several others. He played them the whole night while the rockers rocked, and it really put everyone in rocking spirit! He also had a slide show rolling throughout the night with pictures of the New Day children...I walked past table after table of people watching and talking over the different special needs. I answered questions the best I could about the children; and I praised God for the work He was doing in people's hearts!!!!!!!

Our first rockers were Donita & Rob Hicks! Not only were they rocking to help the kiddos at New Day, but they were also celebrating the first time they met...which was at a ROCKATHON!!!!!!! Cool, huh?

We had rockers in jackets who came to rock on their way to a camping trip! What dedication!

Maggie and Kimmie, two 4-yr. olds who are SERIOUS about their rocking!

We had rockers who proved you can eat soup AND rock at the same time.

And we had rockers who proved you can drink AND rock at the same time, too. Even though there was a little spillage! ;)

Boys rock!

Sisters rock, too!

Children's pastor, Miss E. rocks!!!!!!

Quadruple rocking!

Triple rocking!

Brett Favre rocks!

Pastor rocks! (and yawns? ;)

Mommas rock!

Daddies rock!!!!

Babies get rocked...

and rocked...

and rocked...

and rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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