Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rockathon Part IV-- Meanwhile....

I am hoping I make you feel like you were there with us, since I'm giving you every single detail! :) I'll spare the bathroom breaks, don't worry! ;)

So while the rockers were rocking, everyone else was enjoying good food and fellowship and fun board games together.

On the right is Kylie's mom and she is talking to one of my bloggy friends Ashley and her sweet little Kennedy from Vietnam!

Thank you Mrs. Linda for being our "donation collector and recorder"!!!!! You were a lifesaver!!!!!!

Look at all the food!!!!

Right before everyone ate dinner, Rob pointed out to me a suspicious looking rocker on stage. Yall, this person had snuck in, turned a rocking chair around so his back was to us, and was just rocking. Silently rocking. It was the weirdest thing. His hair was black, curly, and extremely disheveled. He had on this shiny silver shirt and black pants. No one knew who he was. Everyone was whispering. And for some reason, they were looking to ME to go and find out what was up! I had no idea who this person was! I was thinking, "Great. This is the enemy just throwing a wrench in the Rockathon...sending some stranger to scare us all half to death." So, I turn to one of our deacons, Mr. Robert, for help. I figure Mr. Robert has handled other issues in our church before, he can handle this one. On my way to explain the situation, Clay and Carlie come running up to me and tell me who it is....

KYLIE!!!!!!!!! That little stinker drove 4 hours from Mobile to come to the Rockathon, and then had to drive all the way back right after it was over!!!!!!!! Bless her heart! Can yall believe she did that? It made my night!!!!!!! Even though she about made me pee in my pants, it's one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done! I LOVE YOU KYLIE! I'm SO glad you shared this night with us! (and p.s., black hair is SO not you!)

Thankfully, Kylie didn't have to drive alone. Her good friend Pippen (did I just butcher the spelling of his name?) rode with her! Thanks Pippen! You both are just a bunch of crazy college kids!

Kylie just happened to have her Miss UM crown in her car, so out it comes and every little girl in the room got a chance to be a princess!

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