Thursday, December 3, 2009

More Jolly-ness!

Yesterday I tried to do a brief update of our lives by highlighting some "jolly" occasions. 'Tis the Season, right? My post was cut short by little ones needing me. Let's try this again.

But this time I'm just going to tell you about one jolly.

Yesterday was one of those homeschool days that I've got a lesson plan in one hand and the phone with Springville Elem.'s number programmed on speed dial in my other hand in case of emergency enrollment. (grins--I really do love homeschooling my children and thank God everyday He allows me to do it! It was just one of those days!)
I called Rob to remind him that at graduation, instead of Candie getting a trip, I would get a trip to Hawaii. (Selfish, I know. I'm just being real. Real selfish!)

Rob called later to see what was for dinner. I told him that was a good question, what IS for dinner? He said those wonderful words I love to hear..."I'll bring something home." YES!

But when he arrived home, he was empty handed. HUH? He quickly explained the delivery man was bringing it. Something about the way he said it made me suspicious. I said "Honey, if you're up to something, and somebody is coming over, please tell me so I can straighten up the house and put on clothes" Yes, I still had my pajamas on. I told yall it was one of those days! He assured me it was a delivery person bringing our dinner.

Seconds later, the doorbell rings. On our doorstep is the entire Clark family (our sweet friends Bobby, Shalita, Danay, Jacey Grace, and Ella Kate). They are holding enough Chinese food to feed an army! I immediately tear up, thinking "How sweet of Rob. He knew I was having a rough day and he brought our friends over to encourage me and have some fun!" Everyone gets in and settled, and then Shalita hands me a big box of food and says "Hey, the sweet Chinese man at the restaurant wants you to have THIS."
...under the food is a large white envelope. I thought maybe it was a new picture of Kevin or something. Of course I'm stammering and stuttering as I open the envelope...

And then when I saw what was inside, I started bawling. A big fat ugly cry. Really ugly. Rob videoed's not pretty.

Oh wouldn't you know one of the kiddos is calling! Guess I better run...I'll try to finish the story later!



Ladyblog said...

the suspense is killing me!!!! what was in the envelope?

Aaron and Erica said...

Okay lady...this is not funny. Not one bit.

Show us the video or give us the scoop!!!!!!!

The Princess's Mommy said...

Oh My Gosh!!!!! You are very bad...I hope we don't have to wait another month to find out what was in that envelope!!! Hey, Rob...can you help a girl out here?:)


Desiree' said...

ooh, please tell!! I can't stand waiting...

Anonymous said...

You are SO not funny!

MamaHen said...

Laine! No fair!

And lesson plans in one hand and school phone number in the other! Love it.

Tina said...

Cruel and unusual punishment!!! I am so glad I am not the only one who has Homeschool days like that! Lesson Plan??? what is that? lol

Trace Car Driver said...

so NOT FAIR! (do i sound like one of the kids??) HA :) aaauuggghhh. i can't wait to find out what was in the envelope. papers about kevin? airfare? come one laine!!! please finish the rest of the story... SOON!!

btw, love the post below. can't believe ALL your kiddos are getting so big! those birthday boys sure are handsome!

living4him5 said...

Precious, just precious...I cried with you!!

Love you!

Tanya Hindman said...

I am crying a puddle! Praise the Lord! Grant watched the video with me. "Is she laughing or crying, Mommy?" Those are tears of GREAT joy! Continuing to pray!

TanyaLea said... did I miss these posts! You are a tease for SURE!!! ;)