Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy 2010

Just think....

In 2010 we will be a family of TEN!

That makes me so full of JOY! (and a million other emotions, to be honest!)

We had a wonderful beach trip with our friends, the Clarks, and my sister Lyn and niece Claire and her best friend Matthew. We made some hilarious memories playing Scene It 80's. We cooked a yummy smorgasborg for New Year's Eve. We took the children to see the new Chipmunks movie. We played on the beach on New Year's Eve in SHORT SLEEVES! It was beautiful! We chased Colby's new remote control airplane along the coastline, praying hard it would not crash in the water. (it did)

And now we are gearing up for back to work, school, real life...and preparing for our newest family member, Kevin! So much to do! The little fella still doesn't have his bed put together. I've got to figure out where I'm putting his clothes. I really need to clean out closets (and my purses. Purses. Because when one purse gets too messy, I just change purses and leave all the mess in the old purse. Pray for me. Or do an intervention.)

I realize we don't have our Article 5 yet, much less our TA. But when we get our TA, it will be a whirlwind of purchasing plane tickets and making reservations and wiring money. Speaking of money, we are praying for provision for our travel expenses. Would you pray along with us? We may do some fundraising, we're praying that through. We've got to do some serious budget adjustments...with thankful hearts for all the Lord has provided for us in 2009! We were able to pay for some major van repairs, orthodontics, and umpteen doctor appointments and speech appointments...also a new dryer since our 16 year old one bit the dust. The washing machine is going strong, thank you Jesus! We were able to go to Disney in 2009! Just to be honest, we do pay my sweet friend Tricia to help me with housecleaning twice a month. And we hire a sweet man to do our lawn. I thank God every day for allowing us to do this. It is a tremendous blessing for our family and frees me up to focus on being Mom, Teacher, and Chauffeur. And it frees Rob up on Saturdays to coach our children sports. So in a way, I feel guilty about fundraising when we pay for these luxuries. That's just me, though. Rob says we're helping our friends out a great deal by paying for their services. We also eat out too much, I don't plan meals or grocery trips well. There, that's out. I feel better now.

We have to decide who is going this time. What a dilemma this always turns out to be! I go back and forth, back and forth...if this child goes, then this child will want to go, and then this child will feel left out... how 'bout practicing what I preach and trusting the Lord for this decision? THAT'S a novel idea! Just like last time, we're praying for discernment. And for an answer quickly. Because we will need to order visas soon. And if Candie's going, she needs a passport. And not to mention, we need the funds for plane tickets. Right now, I am leaning toward taking Candie. Katie Lyn and Carlie both REALLY want to go. I know you might be reading this and saying "You're the parent, just make the decision!" We will make sure we make the wisest decision here, and we will be on our knees until we get the confirmation we need!

And then I have to think about my children who will remain here. What if Quan gets a nasty cold like the one he has right now, and he wakes up with a bloody nose like he did this morning? What if Kimmie breaks her glasses? What if they all fuss and fight non-stop? What if we leave Candie behind and her ear begins draining like it does quite frequently? Who will rinse it in vinegar? What if her 3500.00 hearing aid gets lost?

Apparently I am needing to vent some anxiety. Bear with me.

I have had several friends and family sincerely offer to keep the children. I will be sincerely taking them up on that offer! But I don't want anyone to have to keep the kiddos for more than a few nights at a time. That way my friends won't get burned out and they'll still be my friends when we return home! ;) Let me know if you want me to put you on the schedule and how many nights you're available! I AM SO KIDDING ABOUT THAT!!!!! (sort of)

And then we come home...and we adjust to our two year old. We get to know him and he gets to know us. He will grieve no doubt. We will grieve, no doubt. And what about his heart? Oh Lord, will we be in the hospital for weeks and weeks? Will he be okay? Will our other children be okay in all this upheaval?

Today is January 3, 2010. And it is the last day that I will worry about all of these unknowns! (until tomorrow, anyway)

Isaiah 52:12 "But you will not leave in haste or go in flight; for the LORD will go before you, the God of Israel will be your rear guard."

Psalm 73:23-26 "Yet I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand. You guide me with your counsel, and afterward you will take me in to glory. Whom have I in heaven but you? And earth has nothing I desire besides you. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.
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Anonymous said...

Laine, I love you and am praying for you. You guys have so much to consider. God is in control and directing your path even when you don't realize it; isn't that awesome! You have always allowed Him to be gloried before, and I know this time will be no different!

Keri Mason said...

Sweet Laine...of course you're a mess...but it's a beautiful mess that only God can clean up...just like He likes it. Just be thankful you don't have it all together (or think you do) because if you did, you wouldn't even think of calling on and depending on our Lord. I will be praying for ALL these details...they are important, and they do matter to us mommies...and thus to our Father. Love yall!

living4him5 said...

Hello sweet friend, I love you and I am praying for you!!!! Please don't stress, it will all work out just as it should and sweet Kevin will be with mama and baba where he belongs.

I wish I lived closer so I could help with the babies while you're gone.

Oh hey, I'm interviewing a cleaning lady for our new house to help me twice a month too! We're doubling the size of our house and that stresses me out!! LOL...

Hang in there my sister in Christ!

TanyaLea said...

Oh Dear Laine ~ You are such a sweethart and you just crack me up, too! I personally think it's WISDOM to utilize whatever special resources you can ~ even if that is a housekeeper now and again to help out so that you can better balance your time with the plethera of other time-consuming activities that I KNOW you have! WISDOM!!!

And I had to just laugh when you mentioned prayer for the 'purse' problem... I'm afraid I need prayer for the EXACT same reason! Glad to know I'm not the only one who just buys a new purse when the old one gets too full! The good news is, that a couple of times I have found some good cash that I had forgotten about when I finally went back to clean them out. LOL! ;)

Praying that God will work out all of the final details and bring you the provisions you need for your travels. We are in the same boat, so I'm right there with you in these prayers and standing in faith knowing He is the One who will make it happen! God is SO faithful!

I can't wait to follow along on your journey and see Kevin in your arms. Will you be spending any time at NewDay? Today is day 46 for us since our LID, so I'll be stalking our phone praying that our agency calls with the big LOA news, soon!! :)

Take care and KNOW that so many of us out here are praying you through! <><

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

How wonderful it is to see a nice, long blog from you pouring your sweet little heart out! I love it! (and I do that thing with my purse, too! lol) I am praying for you and your family! (hey, I can help with meal planning, btw--I'm good at that and would love to, just let me know. Not so sure I'd be good at keeping your kids, since they only see me in passing at the studio! lol)

MamaHen said...

Sweet sweet Laine. Wow, you really do have a lot going on right now. Anyone would be a little topsy-turny. But God isn't. He knows.

Sherri said...


First of all, don't feel like you have to confess that you have someone help with the cleaning and yard work. You have a boat load of kids! No one is judging you.....

I'm sure you will make the right decision regarding what child(ren) to take, but I'm just saying, it doesn't look like you guys are going to stop adopting any time soon, so why not be "passport ready" for all kids at all times? You never know when an opportunity will present itself.

Get ready for the whirlwind. I'm so excited for you!

I'm putting in a good word for Katie Lyn to be able to go. I know how much Sarah would want to go back if , and since she reminds me of Sarah.......

Praying that the rest of the process goes quickly!!!!!

Trace Car Driver said...

awww laine. i loved this post. sorry this comment is going to be long. :) i know you have to be so overwhelmed right now. i think i've mentioned it before, but sometimes my life with ONLY 2 kids seems to be spinning out of control. i don't know how you do it with 7, and are about to do it with 8. OTHER THAN BY THE GRACE OF GOD! don't worry laine, we all struggle with that SAME stuff! doesn't it feel better to get that off your chest sometimes? to know that others are right where you are? i have been reading a book by elizabeth george called loving god with all your mind. and the last chapter i read came to mind when i saw this post. it is talking about NOT WORRYING, and letting god be in control. of course we know the verse matthew 6:34 about not worrying about tomorrow, for today has enough troubles of it's own. but it is so true. it showed 5 quick steps to helping be ready for the day, for the next hour, or minute. real quick, they are prepare, plan, pray, proceed, and then TRUST GOD TO PROVIDE! i know you do these things daily. satan loves to get at you when you are weak, tired, overwhelmed, etc. don't let him laine!!
praying for you to trust in him and feel his awesome PEACE in the days to come!
love the pic btw, the kids are just so precious!!! can't wait to hear more about sweet kevin soon!
love ya!

Stefanie said...

Oh, thank goodness we have HIM to answer all these questions... and then we can rest in the knowledge that HE loves our babies even more than we do :)
Hoping to put what I'm preachin' into practice real soon ;)

ethel said...

Laine, There is no need to apologize to anyone for all that you do, I can barely handle 2 dogs, and Julie (LOL). I don't know how you do all that you do.

Fund Raising for China trip. Sounds familiar, Remember, Valentine's Day is coming up, Roses and heart suckers, what a novel idea, Anyone up for sucker making? Just let me know if you think we can do it. Already have lots of the stuff.

Looks like you all had a great time at the beach., Lucky you. Can't wait to hear all about it.

I know you will make the right choices on who gets to go to China with you. Let us know what we can do to help out with the kiddos at home if you need us.

Love you all.


Tina said...

Oh Laine!! I will be praying even harder for you! It seems like once the holidays are over and we have to get back to "life" all the reality starts to hit!! I am sure you are feeling very overwhelmed!!! We would love to be on the list to help out with the kids anyway we can!! If you don't think they would want to stay with us I can help prepare meals or anything!!
I also have the SAME purse issue!!
I also have not put up Jax bed yet, but you are way closer than we are.
And I am also worrying how we are going to pay for 6 flights to China! I have a money jar that we are constantly putting change in but so far we are only up to $150.00 :(. lol.
I will really pray for wisdom and peace for you!! God is good!!

Aimee said...


You are in my prayers!! I know its hard, but enjoy this time...

Love you lots!

PS. I confess..I do the same thing with my purses. I cleaned mine out a few weeks ago and found 8 tubes of lipstick. Oh Happy Day!

The Byrd's Nest said...

You make me smile with all your little se preocupe! Don't worry! Don't be anxious about anything but pray about everything! Oh I know how hard it will be to leave all of those precious babies but you will be reunited before you know it.....I will be in prayer for your finances and for God to just lay out His plans before you. Praying for peace that passes ALL understanding....just keep your heart and mind at the feet of the Lord. I love you mi amiga.

Mike and Barb said...

If anyone can do it, it's GOD, and he obviously picked you to be his hands and feet!!!
Love, Love, Love the beach picture. We went skiing over New Years, and I was thinking to myself (in those spare moments of lucidity that were not hijacked by screaming children) how funny that you are in the SUN and I'm in the SNOW. And THAT ended my lucid moment ;-))
Love you all!