Saturday, January 23, 2010

Our boy

He is why we are fundraising.
He is why we do what we do.
He stirs our hearts.
He captivates us with his pudgy hands, seen only in pictures.
He is who God is allowing us to call "son".
He is who will one day call us "Mommy" and "Daddy".
He has the most kissable lips, seen only in pictures, but kissed in our dreams.
He has been prayed for by countless people.
He is who will, without a doubt, change our lives once again.
He has already changed our perspectives.
He is why we research heart conditions.
He makes us nervous.
He makes us excited.
He has yet to know His Savior.
He is well known by His Savior.
He is who we long to see in our family pictures.
He is who makes us weep in church.
He is chosen.
He is our boy.

Thank you for helping us bring him home...we are humbled by your love & support!
These pictures are from the New Day website. The kiddos are getting ready to celebrate Chinese New Year. We are so grateful Kevin is in such a wonderful place!

Catherine, Ethan, Victoria, Claire, Kevin & Timothy get ready to hang the big red lanterns

Kevin gets a boost to hang a "blessing" sign on the door

Little Kevin, you are already a BLESSING to us!
"God sets the lonely in families" Psalm 68:6


ethel said...

Great pictures. Can't wait till we get Kevin home to be with his forever family. We are so excited about reactivating "Sucker Club" We are going to have soooo much fun.


Shalita said...


Anonymous said...


familyof8 said...

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord...we are praising God for your newest son! He is so blessed to soon be able to have your arms around him.

I will be sending something to you soon...


Connie J said...

It's amazing how such a LITTLE guy can have such a BIG impact on our hearts! Kevin is precious, and we can't wait for you to bring him home!

Cindy Jones said...

I love the pictures and I can't wait to see that little man home with you.

Sherri said...

Oh Laine, he is such a sweetie. I could just gobble him up!

I think it is amazing that you have such a support group who will help with your fundraising to bring these kids home. You are loved!

The Princess's Mommy said...

Precious boy...can't wait until you are home with your amazing family!


Hope for Lucy said...

Sweet are loved by so many. We cant wait to the day you are home with your Mommy & Daddy!

Hugs to all of you

CK said...

This is the perfect post! I love it!

Kristi said...

Sweet Kevin,
I prayed for you from afar for so long. And now I'm looking forward to actually meeting you in Guangzhou... God is so good!
Ditto on the post!

Anonymous said...

He is so adorable! What a blessing! And I love that verse.

Trace Car Driver said...

so sweet. that gave me chills!

Aimee said...

He looks edible.

Kristy said...

Oh my word.......that little peanut is P.R.E.C.I.O.U.S!!!!!!
So very exciting.
Blessings (and hugs) on you guys!

TanyaLea said...

We are SO blessed that are children are so loved and getting the chance to celebrate their culture (and ours!) through all of the fun activities they get to participate in at NewDay. I can't believe how close it is getting for you... just one month left until you can wrap your arms around that little hunny! Can't WAIT!!!!

love ya,