Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thankful TUESDAY? (except now it's Friday)

I'm thankful I don't have to be thankful just on Thursdays! Tuesday...why not? ;)

I'm thankful I've been trying to get this posted with pictures since Tuesday, and I can't seem to figure external hard drives out, BUT I have a rockin' computer guru who I KNOW will help a sister out, right Rob? ;) Until then, it will just be boring ol' writing with no pictures.

I'm thankful that today Candie had surgery to have her birthmark on her cheek removed and it went amazingly well. She was SO brave. And SO cute. Wow, she really is SO cute!

I'm thankful for 500 chocolate suckers made in one night; for lots of sucker-making helpers; anyone want a Valentine sucker? Only $1.00 each! (shameless plug--but I can't mail them b/c they'll melt!)

I'm thankful for bitter cold weather coming in this weekend which means my yard sale is postponed. No, really. I am thankful for that! God's got it under control, no worries!

I'm thankful that a little birdie told me my Travel Approval may be coming within a week! That makes me shake with jittery excitement (and all those other emotions that come with knowing we may be traveling within the next 30 days!)

I'm thankful our dog is not sick with Pancreatitis anymore. I'm ready for her to be back to her normal crazy hyper self (minus the eating play-doh part, which landed her in the vet for 4 days w/Pancreatitis in the first place)

I'm thankful for ROCKIN' speech teachers for Candie and Quan...shout out Vikki & Lauren & Kelly. LOVE yall!

I'm thankful for Reese-cup Valentine hearts. Yes ma'am. Thankful I am.

I'm thankful for all of YOU who are buying raffle tickets for the weekend at the beach! I really wish ALL of you could win. Mom? Whatcha think? Let everybody win? :) Just kidding, Mom! (Go here if you want more details about the beach raffle)

I'm thankful for THIRTY, yes THIRTY attendees that GOD brought to the Lifeline info meeting last week. Lord, speak to more and more about the miracle of adoption...raise them up Lord! May we as Believers stand up for the cause of the orphan and take a stand....make a difference in the life of JUST ONE! All because of you, Lord!

I'm thankful my two older boys think they are old enough to babysit because together their ages equal 21. Does it get any better than that? ;) (Seriously, one of them argued that point with me. And he was SERIOUS!)

I'm thankful for this little update on Kevin:

Kevin is doing well and is learning new words all the time. He is starting to say small sentences. Kevin sometimes likes to play with his toys by himself quietly. He also enjoys being held by his nanny. He is a very polite little boy and he always greets our visitors to the Foster Home. Kevin sometimes imitates the other children by doing what he sees them doing. Recently, Kevin saw a small puppy while playing outside. He was excited to see the puppy but ran to his nanny to be held. Even though his nanny told him not to be afraid, he would not get down until the puppy ran off and disappeared. Kevin then asked to be put down so he could go and find the puppy! Aren’t kids amusing?!

(Let's hope that puppy didn't go off to eat play-doh!)


Sherri said...

Woo Hoo! Travel within a month!

So........who's going?

Keri Mason said...

I am thankful for you, sweet friend, and your precious family. You are such an encouragement to me! Love you!

Trace Car Driver said...

better late than never. i'm reading it on friday so i was really confused for a minute. HA!
what great things to be thankful for. and my check for beach/suckers is in the mail to you today.
and YAY for being so close to kevin that you can hardly stand it! :)

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh my friend....what beautiful things to be thankful for...I think I need to start doing this especially on days when I am feeling stressed and struggling with the language. Thank you sweet friend for this beautiful reminder of who gave us all of these precious gifts in the first place. Love you.

ethel said...

I too, am so thankful. Thankful for friends who are willing to share their families with us, thankful too that we had so much fun making those 500 suckers and willing to make 500 more if we need them. Can't wait to see that beautiful Candie after her surgery, she was already beautiful,now just her outer beauty is showing thru more brightly. I think a combined age of 21 is perfect for babysitting. Sounds very logical to me. Glad Katie Lyn and Candie get to travel to China with you, but they will be jealous of all the fun that C,C,C,Q and K are going to have here at home being spoiled rotten by everyone who loves them. We will miss you KL and C. Oh, yeahm, mom and dad, too, So excited about your travel time. Should we have a big St Patricks celebration for Kevin, I know of some great helpers to make him some Shamrock suckers. LOL. See you Sunday. I'll pick up my suckers and see if I can sell them at work. Love y'all.


Anonymous said...

I am thankful to know a family like yours!