Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's a Pattycake Praise Day! And a BIG prayer request....

If you know Miss Pattycake, you're familiar with those kind of days! If you don't know her, I'm going to tell you about her...

But first....

I have some really really GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!! Are you ready?

Sit. Down.

Are you sitting?


NO MORE SHOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hooray! Tonight, when 9:00 rolls around, I'm not gonna say "Buddy, it's time for your shot." He's not gonna start crying and follow me into the bedroom for the inevitable. He's not gonna lay on the bed and hold out his hands for Katie Lyn to hold them down. He's not gonna scream and thrash and kick. I'm not gonna wonder if I'm doing it right. I'm not gonna try to pinch as much fat as I can around his teeny tiny itty bitty belly. I'm not going to count to three and push a needle in him. I'm not gonna cry. Rob's not gonna cry. Colby's not gonna cry. Carlie's not gonna cry. Quan's not gonna ask when we can stop giving the shots. Kimmie's not gonna say "Momma doesn't want to give you shots, Kevin." Candie's not gonna try to comfort him. Katie Lyn's not gonna hold her baby brother still. Clay's not gonna go in the laundry room so he won't hear the screams. I'm not gonna throw the needle in the Sharps container, wishing it was the last time I had to do it. And we're not gonna feel compelled to turn on the Pattycake CD to calm him down. (However we will not abandon you, Miss Pattycake. Don't worry. And if you ever do read my blog, I really am not trying to stalk you. I just want you to visit my son, I promise. Then I will leave you alone. Maybe. ;)'s the prayer request. The REASON Kevin has to stop the shots is because he has fluid around his heart. It is a significant amount that the cardiologist must treat it. He is going to try intense aspirin therapy to try to reduce the fluid. (Kevin is already on pretty high doses of lasiks.) Since he will be on a large amount of aspirin (10 baby aspirin/day), he cannot be on the other blood thinner (Lovenox shots). Dr. Romp, our cardiologist, called Kevin's surgeon and the hematologist to discuss treatment and all are in agreement. While Dr. Romp was out of the room, conferring with the other docs, Rob and I prayed specifically for God to give them the BEST TREATMENT. We trust Him!

Monday morning, 9:00 a.m., Dr. Romp will do another ultrasound of Kevin's heart. If the fluid has dissipated, we will continue the aspirin therapy, weaning his dosage down over time. If the fluid has not dissipated, they will have to go in and drain it. This will not be a "surgery", but a "procedure" involving sleepy gas and a skin-deadening agent. Not sure if we'll have to remain in the hospital for this or not. We didn't ask because we'll cross that bridge if we have to. But we are pleading with God to allow the fluid to dissipate, according to His will and purposes.

I am so thankful that neither Kevin, or any of us, have to endure shots anymore (for now, anyway...Dr. Romp said they may put us back on them depending on the outcome of this fluid issue). I know the Lord heard our cries. When I called Katie Lyn to tell her the news, she said "Well, yeah, but he has FLUID. I guess we should've prayed more specifically!" I know, I know how she feels. At first I didn't know how to feel--sad or happy. I was thankful for no more shots, but sad that now Kevin has fluid around his heart. But the more I think about it, the more I see that God is working. I trust Him. We asked Him to intervene. HE DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over the next five days until Monday, Dr. Romp told me to be hyper-vigilant in watching Kevin for any signs of illness. Fluid around the heart can make you very very very sick. (Poor breathing, oxygen reduction, etc.) In fact, he said the amount of fluid Kevin has could easily make someone that sick. But he said most likely Kevin's fluid has been accumulating over the past two weeks since his discharge from the hospital. Since it has been a slow process, he has not become sick-thank you Lord.

Also, with this enormous dose of aspirin per day will come the side effect of tummy pain. Please pray that will be minimal to none for our little guy.

Ahhhhh....the day to day of living with our little Kevin. The ups and downs of his heart conditions. Can I just say, I wouldn't want to be ANYWHERE ELSE, doing ANYTHING ELSE right now? Right here, home, with my eight children, running to dr. appointments, speech appointments, wondering if we're looking at another hospital stay next week, dance class, church, forgetting orthodontist appointments, homeschooling, changing diapers, answering questions like "Can Jesus jump all the way to the moon?"

I mean really...this is what I was called to do. And yes--sometimes I want to jump all the way to the moon, but mostly I am resting in a "sweet spot." The spot of being where I'm supposed to be. Where GOD wants me. I am so thankful!!!!!!!!!!
(And thank you Rob for taking off work yet again to be with me at this appointment--I am SO glad you were there beside us!)

To wrap up...please pray for the fluid to be significantly less on Monday!!!!!!!!!! Thank you sweet friends. Honestly, I do not know what we would do without you. (singing "you light up my life" right now...;) We are very thankful for YOU.


The Princess's Mommy said...

Praying and glad no more shots for now! Praise the Lord!!

Love you all,

Aimee said...

Laine...Oh I will be praying!! You are such a precious Mama to all your precious and adorable children!
I just know the Lord is going to do something special and amazing in Kevin's life. He is going to bring His Father so much glory. I just know it.
Take a deep breath...lots of people are praying for you.


Ps. I miss you too...and I will let you know when I come to the "Ham".

Jennifer Taylor said...

Laine, we will keep praying for your whole family and especially little Kevin. He is such a strong boy, it is amazing everything he has endured in his life already! Praying for the day that he will be healthy & running around like the playful boy he will soon be!
Much love!!
Jennifer & Jeff Taylor

The Collier Bunch said...

We are so thankful that the shots are over. We will pray for the fluid to clear up and for Kevin to get all this behind him. Thank you for your faith and obidence to be where God wants you to be.

living4him5 said...

On bended knee. PRAISE JESUS NO MORE SHOTS!!!!

Love you,
Amy <><

Anonymous said...

I most definitely will be praying! And I know exactly how you feel--I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a mom--all of it (even the fighting/sibling rivalry...well, maybe not so much that! lol) and I will NEVER be ready for it to be over (and I think about that alot as Dylan prepares to go to *gasp* *choke* college!!!) Keep enjoying every minute of your life--you are very blessed and you bless others so much!

jhand said...

We will be praying for that fluid to be gone, just like the blood clot AND for the shots to be done for good! Laine, You are such an encouragement to me. I am so thankful that you "keep it real" on your blog. My most recent kid question to answer was "Will we be naked in Heaven?"
Love and Prayers from the Hand Family

Alycia said...


So very happy that you don't have to give Kevin these awful shots anymore! Sad to hear that Kevin has fluid around his heart. We are definitely going to pray that it will dissipate by the doctor's appointment. The Lord has His arms around you all! Every minute of every day, He is with you!
Love you all!
Alycia and family

Our Journey to China said...

We are so very thankful God is on your side! He knows, He hears, He answers! You are always in our thoughts and prayers and we will definitely be praying for God's continued answers to prayers, miracles and abundant blessings to overflow! Kevin is such a little darling and I think about the day in Starbucks in Guangzhou when he was trying to make Emma feel better (from her fever from her shots) and how sweet his spirit is - we love him so much! And sweet Katie Lyn, so loving and caring for her siblings. She has a special place in my heart for sure. God is going to answer prayers in a BIG way, I just know it! We love you all!! The Boyd Family

Kristi said...

You know our family is both celebrating with you for a reprieve from the shots and on our knees praying for that fluid to simply disappear...
Got your container of mustard seeds out? I have moved mine to the ledge above my kitchen sink ~ I seem to spend a lot of time there and it reminds me (when I haven't already remembered) to pray for precious Kevin.
Love you all!

ethel said...


HE hears our prayers and answers them. Yes, I agree you are exactly where God wants you to be, doing exactly what God wants you to be doing. And you are so blessed to have such a Godly husband who loves his family and is totally devoted to them.

We love you all and continue to lift you in prayer.

TanyaLea said...

Yes, we WILL pray for God to dissolve that excess fluid around Kevin's tender heart. I believe like you...that He intervened just as you asked, knowing that you would be faithful to continue TRUSTING IN HIM and KNOWING He will see you through each step! He is God, He is our Heavenly Father who loves each of us SO much...and He is GOOD!! <><

Take rest in knowing that others are praying with you and that God holds Kevin in His arms. And enjoy just tucking your precious boy into bed at night...NO SHOTS needed! Thank you JESUS!!!


Anonymous said...

Well, I am so glad about the shots! How wonderful! And we are trusting that the fluid is just God's way of working all this out.

What a wonderful way to describe it: the sweet spot of being in God's will. I like it.

Wife of the Pres. said...

Well, Praise God for not more shots for now. S has never had any issues with tummy with her daily aspirin, but her does is not nearly that much. The lasix on the other hand made her tummy hurt. :( Thankfully we got off that fairly quickly. OK, I'm not liking the fluid deal. PRAYERS will continue! HUGS! Leslie

P.S. Please pray for our son Joel, waiting in China, as we're getting some updates that make this Momma's heart skip a beat. We are praying for May travel but it looks to be impossible, BUT GOD! THank you!

Shalita said...

Hey Kissable Kevin,

Do you think if we can get in touch with Miss Pattycake that we can also get in touch with Debbie Boone? Your Mama made me want to turn on my record player and put on my "45" of Debbie singing "You Light Up My Life!" And you know what little guy, YOU AND YOUR MAMA BOTH LIGHT UP MY LIFE!!! I LOVE YOU BUNCHES!!!! We are praying for you, your heart, your tummy, Miss Pattycake! (and now Debbie Boone too!) :)

Connie J said...

Praying and praising with you!!!

MamaHen said...

I will pray Laine. You have encouraged me so much this morning. I too love "the sweet spot" idea.

Linda said...

Hey Laine, just wanted to let you know my friend has contacted the Pattycake family and made sure they are aware of your family and the situation. They have your blog info and hopefully something will work out soon. Mei Lin had her first surgery and she's doing great, go back in 4 weeks for hard palate repair. Let's us now if you head toward the oil slick we'd love to hey.

Jean Thomason said...

YOU HAVE FOUND ME AND I HAVE FOUND YOU!! My name is Jean Thomason and I am MISS PATTYCAKE ! I am thrilled to know that I am part of the Ferrill house and that you are having a pattycake praise day! HALLELUJAH. I live in Nashville but often travel to Bham as my parents are there. Would so love to meet your kids - especially Kevin. please email me:

smallseven said...

praying and believing Gods for miracles for Kevin! He is able!
love ya'll!

Aaron and Erica said...

Shut up!!! Did Miss Patty Cake seriously just make a comment on your blog??? Unbelievable!!! How awesome is our God!!