Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Well, we're in a private room now, praise the Lord! We're in the west wing of the Spain/Wallace building at UAB - W522. Kevin has been awake most of the day and pretty unhappy most of the day as well. They took out most all of his tubes except his chest tube but decided they wanted to keep an IV in just in case they needed it. However, his veins are in such a condition right now that they are very hard to locate. They tried three times to find a vein in his hand and then gave up after no success. He was fiery mad... but sleeping now.

We are thankful for a private room and to be out of ICU, thankful for all the prayers you guys have prayed, thankful for such sweet and caring nurses at UAB, they are GREAT!!!


mommyofmany said...

So grateful for the good report. Even Kevin's response only demonstrates what a fighter he is... and that can come in handy sometimes.

Continuing to pray,

The Collier Bunch said...

Praise God that he is improving. We continue to pray for Kevin and for your family.