Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thankful Thursday

So much to be thankful for! (only wish I had pics to go with this post)

I'm thankful for my husband. He is a godly man who truly puts God first, his family second, and soccer third. ;) He is my best friend, my sounding board, my sanity!

I'm thankful for Katie Lyn, my thirteen year old. THIRTEEN. She is a mini-me. Only much much better. She runs the ship without me and does everything the way momma does it. And to top it off, the children do what she says. So when we have dr. appointments, she is more than capable of handling the home. On top of her school work. And with the happiest heart. Like everything is "no problem"! What a blessing!

I'm thankful for Colby, my twelve year old. He is my back-up. Checking on me, talking to me about random stuff, listening to me. I love this kid!

I'm thankful for Clay, my ten year old. He is my laughter. Wow is he ever so funny! I could just sit on the couch and be entertained for hours by his antics.

I'm thankful for Candie, my nine year old. She is eager to please when it comes to keeping our home neat and tidy. Or helping me do WHATEVER. (Now when it comes to school or learning to talk, not so much. But this is a thankful post so I won't go down that road!) She is a GREAT big sis to little Kevin. She is patient, kind, and very very very sweet with him!

I'm thankful for Carlie, my nine year old. She is a sixteen year old trapped in a nine year old's body. She is way beyond her years. She is a tremendous help in our home. She always sees the silver lining in everything and reminds me to be thankful in ALL things.

I'm thankful for Quan, my five year old. He reminds me to play. He reminds me to lighten up. Life is his oyster, and he is ready to gobble it up. He loves Jesus and told me the other day that he wanted to go back to China and tell people about Him. WOW. He draws detailed pictures of a Chinese army and policemen and tells me stories about the bad guys and who wins in the end. It intrigues me!

I'm thankful for Kimmie, my four year old. She is a sweetheart. Empathetic. Emotional. Loving. Everybody's friend. Her dancing and singing bring me such sunshine! Yesterday she became so broken when I was telling (for the gazillionth time) the gospel story. She began crying and I asked her if she was crying because she was sad or happy. She nodded her head to happy. I asked her if she wanted to ask Jesus to be her Savior. She nodded her head yes. Bless her heart, she was crying so hard. She prayed with me, cried some more, and then later shared with others her exciting news. "I'm a Cwistian!" This morning she woke up and proclaimed "We need to tell Candie and Kevin about Jesus so they can be Cwistians too, Mama!"

I'm thankful for Kevin, my two year old. He is my warrior. He loves me so much and honestly I think he believes that I was his before I was Rob's! He is passionate about Miss Pattycake, Elmo, and getting his way. He is brave and strong and loving and silly. He loves being on a schedule and knowing what to expect next. Since I love that too, we are very much kindred spirits! I emailed Miss Pattycake to see if she would be willing to come to his birthday party. Does anyone know her personally? I'm looking for an "in" with her. I think he would fall out if he met her in person. Surely one of yall know her and can get me a chance with her.

I'm thankful for my mom. She and I are living very similar lives right now. She is taking care of my step-dad 24/7, and doing an amazing job of it. Her attitude inspires me to have a more Christ-like attitude. I am learning so much just from her emails and phone calls. We are not able to see each other as much as we'd like, but still I am able to glean so much wisdom from her! She gave me the idea to pray with Kevin before his shots; just say a simple prayer, the same one every time, and he might memorize it and see God answer his prayers! What a great idea, Mom! (And Happy Birthday tomorrow, Mom!) I'm also reminded that today marks 15 years since my Daddy went to Heaven. My sweet friend Kristy's daddy went to Heaven today. Pray for her family as their loss was very unexpected.

I'm thankful for surprises. God is surprising us this weekend with a get-away with another adoptive family. We just finalized everything today. It's Thursday. We leave tomorrow. I'm thankful for spontaneity, for family time, for refreshment and retreat. We have a lot of kids between us, so I'm not sure about any relaxing, but who cares? We will be away from hospitals, doctors, and busy lives in general. We both have been through recent surgeries with our kiddos, and we feel blessed that the Lord is allowing us to get together for support, love, and FUN!

I'm also thankful for all of YOU! Yall have some real big love.


Gina said...

Well, I don't know Miss Pattycake personally but I did find her Facebook page. I posted on it with a link to this post...maybe something will come of it??

The Ferrill's said...

Oh I hope so! Thanks Gina!

CK said...

LOVE hearing about each one of your blessings! I can just imagine life at your house-"good busy". Wishing I could meet all of them and then borrow Katie Lyn for just a little while....
Have a fun get away!!

Our Journey to China said...

What an Awesome "Thankful Thursday!" Thank you for sharing it, I am blessed to just have read it. :0) And may I say, "I love you Katie Lynn and miss you!" What a sweetheart!! We are blessed to know the Ferrills we do and can't wait to meet the ones we don't know in person yet!! Have a GREAT weekend!! Love, Lee Ann

living4him5 said...

Well, I'm thankful for you! Because of you (and the Lord Almighty), We will be leaving in a couple of months to bring our daughter home! Just over a year ago, I got an email from you with her picture and my heart skipped a million beats...You connected us through God and I thank you for that!! Thank you for being my sister in Christ!

Much love,

DiJo said...

Kimmie's story just makes me smile. The angels are singing!!!! What a sweet and precious testimony!!
I am so happy you are getting away. What a blessing for ALL of you!!!! Praise the Lord for your thankful heart! Have a great weekend!!


TanyaLea said...

This is one of the most beautiful and thoughtful 'thankful thursday' lists I have yet to see, Laine.

Your children are blessed to have such a loving, happy mama. Jesus just SHINES out from you. It's true... You're glowing all the way to MN! :)

Thank you for always putting life into perspective and keeping our focus on the Lord!...I'm so thankful for YOU!


The Byrd's Nest said...

I just adore your thankfulness list and it brought tears to my eyes.....what a beautiful family the Lord gave you.....I am thankful for you....OH so thankful!

Sherri said...

I don't know her, but I have a friend who does....

I'll pass your email address along.

Anonymous said...

And we are thankful for YOU, sweetheart! Your family and story amazes me so much--I tell everyone I know about you guys! I am thankful and blessed to have you as a friend!

Sherri said...


I just got a new computer and your email address isn't saved. Can you email me your email address?

sherri @ buskerdoo . com

Sherri said...

I just sent a facebook message to the friend of Miss Pattycake.

I hope it yields something!

Aimee said...

What a sweet post. I really enjoyed hearing you share your blessings! It blessed me!

WE DO have SOOO much to be thankful for. So much.

Trace Car Driver said...

love it! thanks for sharing the positives of the week, when i know there have probably been several "not so positives!" :o) praise god for kimmie. so awesome!!! hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend get-away!!!
love ya!

Hope for Lucy said...

Wow...Wow....Wow....What a blessing you are to all of us. Just look at all those sweet babies and what they are thankful for. They just melt my heart.
Im so happy about your little trip away this weekend. Have fun with all your precious babies.
Love you my friend!

Waitingfaithfully said...

Oh Laine, I love your thankful heart! And Kimmie--oh my goodness, bless her little heart! Praying that your getaway is a time of refreshing. Lifting your requests up in prayer.

Love you,


Linda said...

Hey Laine, Tommy and I were over in Hunan with you guys when you got Kevin. I actually worked at Integrity many years ago with the Thompsons (Mr and Mrs Pattycake). I've emailed a friend in Nashville to see if she still deals with Miss Pattycake and get word to her about Kevin. I'll let you know when I hear back.

Jane said...

Have friend who is close friend of Miss Pattycake's Mom and knows Miss Pattycake well. She will call Miss Pattycake and tell her about your family and see if something can be worked out. When is Kevin's birthday? Email: (I'm in Gayle and Jim's Sunday School class.) Jane

Kristi said...

So glad that I had the "cheat sheet" on the personalities of your precious children before Friday. The love of Jesus simply glows in each of them. What a testament to your Godly parenting! You and your entire precious family are part of our "thankful" list.

Carla said...

So glad you re-opened your blog! After hearing about your family from all my friends with the FCC group (Adrian's Mom, Emma Grace's Mom, Lily Mei's Mom, etc....those to the North of you), I have wanted to say HI!

and I love this off to find out who Miss Patty Cake is!

Mike and Barb said...

Can I borrow your oldest??????
Seriously, they sound like an awesome bunch of kids, but I'm not really that surprised :-)) You're an incredible family
And WHO IS Miss Pattycake???
Love, BArb