Friday, April 9, 2010


Kevin got a visit today from most of his siblings and a few cousins thrown in to boot. I think he really enjoyed seeing them. He perked up and even ate some cake! Yay! He is still kinda puffy... retaining water. Please pray that this would continue to get better and that he continues to drink liquids. I don't think they will let us go home if he's still puffy, but they did do an echo-cardiogram and determined it was not related to his heart. Also, his left leg is having some issues with blood flow because of the line that was in his left leg. So specifically pray that these two items will get better. I think they are going to do an ultrasound shortly to make sure there's not a clot.

One more huge milestone... chest tube came out about 15 minutes ago so we only have one leash left and it is non-invasive (a heart monitor)

Thank you guys for constantly bathing us in prayer and lifting Kevin to the Lord! You each are playing a huge part in the story God is building in his life. We love you all!

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TanyaLea said...

Oh what a spirit-booster that had to be for Kevin, to see his siblings and cousins. He's so cute in his little wagon! I will be praying for circulation to return to normal in his leg, and for the swelling and water retention to subside. God will carry Kevin through every symptom until he is well.

Love you all and have a blessed weekend! <><


living4him5 said...

Good to see him with his sweet family. I will be praying specifically for the two needs mentioned and for continued strength for mom and dad too.

We're thinking of you in Illinois.

Much love,
Amy <><

Anonymous said...

Great news! We will keep praying!

Anonymous said...

Great news! We will keep praying!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I didn't mean to leave so many comments but I WILL pray at least that many times!

Our Journey to China said...

It is great to see the kids so very supportive of Kevin and he seems so at peace in the middle of them, Praise God! Lifting you up in prayers and praying for God's wisdom for you and the doctors.
Love to you ALL! The Boyd Family

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh I know he was happy to see the rest of his new family! Ditto on Tanya's post......praying for all of your needs my friend...ALL of them..just rest in our prayers:)

smallseven said...

praying for his COMPLETE healing, Laine. Tonight, I'm praying specifically for the puffiness to go away and for the blood flow issue. Love ya'll,

CK said...

How wonderful to see Kevin's progress! Continuing in prayer

mommyofmany said...

Praying for ALL of you... knowing you're ready to get back to "normal" but still have a few hurdles to get over. May God continue to be faithful to sustain each of you.

Love to all,

Connie J said...

How awesome to see Kevin with his family! We are praying for all the issues you've mentioned!
Love you!

Alycia said...

Awesome!!! Do glad to know that Kevin is on the mend. We will pray that his swelling to go away, and for the circulation in his leg to return to normal.
We hope to see you when things settle down for y'all.
Oh, one more thing... do you go to speech on Mondays? Our friend Robin, brings her daughter, Claire there too, (we think). You should connect with her... She's friends with Tina too!

The Collier Bunch said...

So glad to see him with the other kids. We are praying for Kevin and all of you. Hopefully he will be coming home soon.