Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Different Hospital

I apologize for the same ol' same ol' every time you come visit my blog. But this is where we're at in life...and this is how some very important people keep up with how Kevin is doing....and this is where we're at in life. Did I already say that? ;)

This morning Kevin had a low grade temp and a rash on his legs and arms. The cardiologist wanted our regular pediatrician to see him. Our regular pediatrician wanted the after hours clinic to check him out. The after hours clinic wanted the E.R. at Children's Hospital to see him. (I get the feeling some people don't want to touch Kevin with a 10 foot pole because he is so complicated!)

So that's where we ended up! (Kevin and me, anyway...Rob took the rest of the kiddos to church)

And here's what we know: He has a rash that is viral and itchy (all his blood work looked good--platelet level okay, thank you Jesus). His oxygen sats are low. He is puffy and swollen.

The cardiologist came from UAB to Children's to do an echo. Heart function looked good, thickening of fluid still present. He upped his lasics dosage and lowered his aspirin dosage.

And now we're home! Yay!

Happy Memorial Day to you all! And please Lord...may this Memorial day be "un-memorable" and "un-eventful"? Please?


CK said...

So relieved that you are back home, with your post title I thought that may not be the case. Praying for uneventful and continued no rind...(we ate watermelon yesterday).


Steve and Jan said...

My goodness, you do get around, don't you?!

So glad you're back home!

Praying for UNeventful days!


Anonymous said...

So glad you didn't have to stay this time! Praying he's better soon! And thanks for keeping us updated!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you were able to come home! I hope he gets to feelin' better (and that it doesn't do the rounds!).

Anonymous said...

P.S. Don't worry about "the same ol' same ol'." We want to know. . .that's why we check the blog! :0)

The Collier Bunch said...

You are in our prayers. So sorry that life has been such a roller coster. I have been out of touch for a few days and just caught up on your blog. We pray for smoother road ahead.

Aaron and Erica said...

We want to hear the "same ol, same ol"...I'm just praying that "same ol, same ol" is Kevin at home with you, smiling and laughing! But if not, we will continue to trust the One who knitted Kevin together perfectly for His glory. Why did God make you, Kevin, and all things? For His own glory. We give Him glory!

Big hugs and lots of love from the Hammond family!

Alycia said...

Whew! Relieved to hear that you are back home! Praying for an "un-memorable" Memorial Day! For us, it is amazingly busy as we are rushing around like crazed people trying to get everything done! :)
I will try to set up a blog for the trip tomorrow.
Love you all!
Alycia and fam

living4him5 said...

Ok, just catching up on your blog and OH MY GOODNESS what a roller coaster ride you've been on! Praying for you all!!!! (haven't stopped), Love all the pics of you and the kiddies at the ice cream shop and library!!!

So glad you're both home now.

Love to all,

Just A Family said...

Ok so I'm so glad I can check in on ya. I always wonder how your doing. Please know I keep close tabs on you by mutual friends:)

Your little guy is precious. Your whole family such a light.

I know your weary but remember your doing what matters...
Your a missionary only your not overseas your here getting your kids (God's kids) the best possible chance ever.
Hang on this too shall pass.

I love ya because we're kindred hearts,