Friday, May 28, 2010

Our Town

Thank you for your sweet comments and prayers...Kevin is about the same today, except he hasn't thrown up any! Yay! Still puffy, fatigued, won't walk, smile or play.

Today (Friday) we piled up in the Big Daddy Van and drove the literal hop, skip & jump to our small town library (too hot to walk!) Katie Lyn and Colby are each doing a research paper as their final project of the year, and we needed some outside resources.

We rarely go to this library as it is very teeny tiny and well, when you throw in nine extra people, we pack the place out! Usually we go to a library about 20 minutes away in a larger town. But today I didn't want to venture out too far since Kevin doesn't feel well.

We were in and out of our quaint little library with no major catastrophes, so I decided to be brave and walk with the kiddos the half a block to the old timey soda fountain shop to get some yummy ice cream.

I love our little town! Coming out of the shop was one of the candidates for governor of our beautiful state...He was on the campaign trail, and upon seeing our crew he must have thought he could round up LOTS of voters! ;) (No pics of Mr. Bentley, but he sure was nice! And he likes orange sherbet! ; )

Have I mentioned I love our little town? There are BOTTLED cokes in this ice cream shop. And lovely music playing. And a small town atmosphere. It was just what the doctor ordered! Kevin sat so content...not smiling, but peaceful and content.

I think we're going to need lots of small town ice cream along with our watermelon this summer! ;)


Our Journey to China said...

Your town sounds wonderful! I can't wait to visit it. :0) The ice cream outing looks like a winner for all. :) Ice cream and watermelon - Yum! Great reminders to pray some more this summer, thank you. :0) Love to you all!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Your town does sound wonderful....Oh my friend....each time I see his little face it just breaks my heart in two!I am praying for miracles for this special baby.....just when I have felt whiny and yucky and unmotivated all week...I think of Kevin...and I am ashamed. I love you and I am on my knees.

Steve and Jan said...

After reading this post, now I'm heartsick over Kevin AND missing our little town :-( Oh, how I loved going to the little soda shop for ice cream!

The only roller coaster I ever rode was on our honeymoon. We were at Universal Studios and rode The Hulk (big, green and scary). Steve talked me into'll do most anything for love, you know. It's funny you mentioned roller coasters because I just found the picture of Steve and I riding The Hulk the other day. The kids were dying laughing at me screaming in the picture. I swore that day I would never step foot on another roller coaster, but my love for your family has me white-knuckled and riding right along with you! And, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else :-)

I wish so much I was there to help you in some way. Be strong, Laine, and know we are all here praying for you each and every day.


Anonymous said...

Cute! I love Springville, too!

The View From Here said...

I love a Maybury town ! We are praying for Kevin daily and expecting some big miracles. I understand about the roller coaster too - I don't like them either and it seems like we have been on one nonstop since we got home from China with Maggie. We still have a lot of unknowns, but are counting our blessings !
Kathy ( Opelika, AL)