Thursday, May 27, 2010


Unhappy Birthday boy...pray for little Kevin, he's having a rough week, he's been back to the doctor, he's sleeping a lot, I haven't seem him smile in days, he feels bad, he's sick. And we're not sure what's going on with our little man.
Annie Finale--Dance recital

Carlie's ballet

Candie wants to be a Rockette! (3rd from left)

Kimmie is the happiest birthday girl EVER! And now she's FIVE!

Spending Kimmie's birthday with friends and slip-n-slides! (Poor little Kevin--He just watched)
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Kimmie's "You're never fully dressed without a smile!"

Recital Together! Poor little Kevin.

A big enough lap for two...Poor little Kevin.

Dance Recital, Katie Lyn's beautiful ballet.


The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh I love the recital pictures!!!

Poor little Kevin....he does look pretty miserable.I wish I lived closer to you to help you with something....anything!!!!! So all I can do is pray....remain on my knees and pray that others are serving your family...I know that they must be!

Your family is so very special....I am praying for God to pour extra grace and mercy over your household. Love you!


Oh Kim we are so taken care of!!!!! Our church family, neighbors, and extended family and friends have all banded together to check in on us, pray for us, encourage us....I think I get something in the mail everyday that makes me remember God is right beside us all the time!
And you say "all I can do is pray"...THAT IS WHAT WE NEED THE MOST! BLESS YOU friend!

The Ferrill's said...

That comment was from Laine...not the Dad! ;)

Our Journey to China said...

The pictures of the recitals are beautiful! (You go Candy! And, KatieLyn, all I can say is "Beautiful! Inside and out!!")
Poor sweet Kevin, oh how I wish I could take it all away for him. We are praying for you all!!!! We are here and ready for anything you might need. We love you guys! :0)

Kristi said...

How is it possible that I almost cried, beamed with joy, came close to tears again, and found myself smiling at the end?
Seeing precious Kevin looking so "puny" (as my momma would say) just makes me so very sad. Sweet Kevin, I just want to hop in my van and drive down to you and try to steal another kiss. If you hadn't already stolen my heart in Guangzhou, you finished the deal in Georgia when you gave me a kiss on the cheek. Our whole family, all three kids included, pray for you daily. (Some of us many, many times a day).
And girls, what beautiful dancers you are! I love each of you dearly enough that I'd love to come visit, pop a big bowl of popcorn, and watch the ENTIRE recital video.
Colby, Clay, and Quan, we still talk of how much fun we had between playing pool, the Jesus dance party, and just watching the boys hang out.
And Rob and Laine, we anxiously await the next "do nothing" weekend to share more of our faith stories over a few cups of coffee.
Sorry for the novel, but I just wanted your WHOLE family to know we love you ALL!

living4him5 said...

Love all the pictures of your sweet treasures!

Please know we are praying for his health daily. He is so precious!

Love to all,
Amy <><

CK said...

You have frequently been in my thoughts and prayers-LOVE THE PICTURES!!-continued prayers for healing, wisdom, and strength.


Alycia said...

Dear Ones,

We are praying for your sweet little Kevin. Poor little man doe look like he is feeling a bit "puny". We will continue to pray for him while.
The girls all looked so beautiful in their tutus and so very graceful and elegant too. i can hardly wait to get Miss Adahlyn signed up for ballet once she gets settled in with us. Tell Kimmie that her picture brought me much joy, and reminded me that Adahlyn will be able to do anything that she sets her mind to do, with the Lord's help of course.
We love you all!
The Apostolides family

smallseven said...

What a perfect little Annie that Carlie made! Annie was always my favorite! I always sang Annie songs in the talent shows as a girl! Katie Lynn is just beautiful!
I've been thinking much about Kevin the last several days especially, and praying for him throughout the days. Persisting in prayer with ya'll!
Much Love,

Jennifer Taylor said...

Poor sweet Kevin. We will continue to lift him up to our Lord in prayers. We all know that He is the ultimate healer! Hang in there, I know that it has to be very difficult on you guys. Sending hugs your way!

Mike and Barb said...

Praying here in WY, too!
Wonderful pictures, except for the little man who looks just pityful! Praying for wisdom for his doctors!
Love, BArb

The Princess's Mommy said...

Oh my! The dance pictures are great! All your girls are beautiful! And Happy Birthday sweet Kimmie and Kevin! Kimmie, hope you had a great day! Kevin, we are praying and praying you feel better soon. I miss seeing your precious smile.

Love you guys,

Steve and Jan said...

I was thinking of Kevin when I went to bed last night and I was thinking of him when I woke up this morning. Bless that sweet little guy!

Please know we are still praying for Kevin (and all of you).

The girls looked so beautiful in their pics!!

My heart, my thoughts, and my prayers are with you each day.

Love you and miss you!

Mom to my China Posse said...

Thinking and praying for you and your little man. I havent checked in in a bit I sorry to hear Kevin isn't feelign well. Email me when you get a chance, Thanks, Kathy