Friday, June 4, 2010

And the doctor said....


Well, he said more than that of course! He said Kevin definitely has an allergy induced rash from Bactrim. He is not convinced it is the Stevens Johnson Syndrome, because Kevin's rash doesn't have the signature signs of that: blisters, circles with white centers, ulcers in mouth, etc. Thank you Jesus!

Dr. Harmon was very hesitant about his diagnosis because Kevin's rash is "impressive". It's shocking, really. When you look at him, it takes your breath away. Regardless, he told us signs to watch that he is worsening--high fevers, ulcers in his mouth (indicating the rash is moving internally), Kevin acting sick (presently he is very happily watching Thomas and eating noodles).

The most important thing Dr. Harmon said? "You and I both know that the most important thing to do right now is PRAY. And I will pray his rash goes away!"

I am so thankful for a Christian doctor! I told Dr. Harmon that there were lots of people praying for him at that moment....

So with a spring in our step, we jaunted to the exit door! And what awaited us?

A HUMONGOUS rainstorm! I mean a gully washer! I expected Noah's ark to come floating by!

But it didn't. Something BETTER did!

When my best friend Shalita knew we were at the doctor, she and her 2 yr. old Ella Kate drove up to the parking lot (in their jammies!) and waited on us to finish. She said she just wanted to be there when we were through! What a GREAT best friend! So she pulled up to the curb and we hopped right in her van, safe and dry! We sat in the parking lot for an hour waiting on the storm to pass, and we were able to chat away, eat m & m's, and "catch up" on life while Ella Kate and Quan watched Elmo, and Kevin sat in my lap looking at the rain.

It was such a sweet blessing! And a sweet reminder from God, BECAUSE...

Right before we walked in the doctor office, it looked stormy. I prayed "God PLEASE don't let it be raining when we leave."

Of course you know it was pouring, but look at that life lesson God taught me!

Sometimes we pray for it not to rain. And God doesn't allow the rain to fall.

But sometimes we pray for it not to rain. And God allows the rain, to bless us EVEN BIGGER. To show us how He provides for us. To show us that HE is our shelter in the storm. To show us how much He loves us!


Now, back to normal stuff for this momma....take Carlie to a birthday party, drop boys off at soccer try-outs...
And you can bet that I will be doing all these things with a GRATEFUL HEART, because those everyday things are NOT taken for granted!

I will also persevere in prayer....praying THROUGH every moment!

And sisters....yall are CRACKING me up about the Diet Coke! I did take it with me, I did NOT open it .... but that's not to say I won't. And soon! ;)


Our Journey to China said...

Praise the Lord for your christian doctor and God's healing provisions still taking place!!!! What a gift from Him to have your best friend too!!!! God is so good! We are praying with you, friends. :0)

Trace Car Driver said...

hallelujah! we've only seen dr. harmon once but he was great. lucas sees dr. webster at roebuck and she is a christian too and i love that! so glad that kevin got a pretty good report. and what a great friend shalita is. god is good!

The Byrd's Nest said...

OPEN THE DIET COKE!!!!!!!! AND.......DRINK IT!!!!! lol

Praise praise praise the Lord for Christian doctors.....oh so special in our lives. I LOVE it that your friend was waiting for you...THAT has been my prayer and God is answering that specific prayer!

Love you girl and I love your positive attitude and your faith in the Lord :)

smallseven said...

Praising God and persisting in prayer with you!
Much Love,

Aaron and Erica said...

Yes...I love updates like this!!! Enjoy a wonderful weekend doing normal things :)

We love you guys!!!!

jhand said...

We will be praying for a full and speedy recovery for Kevin!

The Hand Family

Mike and Barb said...

Oh, little Kevin....
Laine, you are one strong, postitive, faith-filled woman, that's all I can say!!
Love ya!

Dollar General said...

Dear Shalita...This is the second blog mentioning how wonderful you are - please don't get the big head! HA HA HA!! But it's clear - you are loved - what else could you need besides the love of LAINE and ME - you've got it made!

Laine - I'm so happy you are at home right now! Still praying!

Ready to RR ...

Aimee said...

Just got back in town and what great news I get to read!! Thank you Jesus!!

Southern Cheesehead said...

Yeah, thanks Paige for including me in that...I love Laine too!!! I do agree with needing a RR!! I'm praying every day for Kevin (and for you and your diet coke!)

Love you guys!!!

Just A Family said...

I want one!! (A best friend like that.)
Love your little Kevins spunk.Heck I love your spunk......


Stefanie said...

How I love your perspective, Laine! I wish I could have been in that van, too, sure sounds like fun :)
Praising Him for His provision... always!!

Alycia said...

Wow Laine,
Looks like you've been busy since we went to China!
SO glad to hear that your sweet Kevin is doing better! Heard that the rind was thinning when we were at New Day. Everyone there is rejoicing!
Would love to see you when you come this way! Just don't expect to swim in the Gulf... it is yucky. :(
We love you guys!
Alycia, John and 3 girls!!!