Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Doing good!

Hey friends, Romans, countrymen! (with a beginning like that, there's no telling how random this update might be!)

Before I go further, please pray for Kevin's best friend at New Day, Maria, who was adopted by the Colliers in Mississippi! She is having surgery today on one of her lungs. Their blog is

I am actually connected to the world at the moment because my sweet, tech savvy hubby bought me a prize! He showed up at the hospital this morning with something I have never had and never really wanted before, until we began hospital hopping. A laptop!

We have already skyped with the kiddos at home and Kevin has loved seeing them and the house. He told KK to fix him some noodles! I'm hoping this will be wonderful for his adjustment issues from hospital to home to hospital to home to hospital to home.

Looks like we'll have another adjustment this evening if all goes well....from hospital to home! :)

Kevin has been taken off all antibiotics and we will come back Friday for OUTpatient blood cultures. (Keyword: OUTpatient!) They will continue to grow the cultures for two weeks to rule out any and all infections.

This afternoon Kevin will have a renal ultrasound because he has some blood in his urine. His culture from the cath has not grown any bacteria, so they want to check on his kidneys. Barring any major issues, we should go home after that!

Dr. Romp, our cardiologist came by to do an echo and check out his lungs really good because Kevin has developed a nasty cough. Everything looked good, same amount of rind around his heart, so that's really good there is no increase of fluid or rind! We love us some Dr. Romp, by the way! Kevin did not even cry for his echo today.....that is HUGE! He always screams and makes me AND Dr. Romp sweat! Kevin will have a heart cath in the next month to check on his lung pressures and lung resistance. We pray that has decreased considerably in spite of all his complications, so that he can have his next surgery! (Not that we're looking forward to yet another surgery/hospital stay, but this surgery will get Kevin one step closer to a better working heart.)

God is ever so faithful, of course. Even when this mom has whined and been not so faithful, when she hasn't done a very good job of shining for Him because she's mad at nurses not letting us sleep, when she's comparing hospitals and longing for the cardiac floor of UAB, when she's threatening to hang on to Dr. Romp's ankles until he says we can be discharged (he was very thankful that I did not do that, I might add.) God knows, He understands, and He continually, gently, guides this mom back to Himself instead of to the circumstances surrounding us. There are two words that have echoed in my heart the last few days:



With these two attitudes prevailing, we will not be shaken. No matter what is going on in your life, if you determine to trust God and be thankful, then you have a great defense against the things that bring you down. P.S. I am still learning this, and I have a long way to go.

Especially when they buff the floors of the hospital. At 5:30 a.m. Right outside our door. ;)


April said...

Everyday I am so thankful that the Lord choose you two to parent Little Man. I know that I would not have been a strong enough Mama for him and I so thankful for you two. I'm keeping you all lifted up in prayer and I hurt, cry and laugh right along with you even if it is from a distance. Just wanted to give you some love in words.

Kristi said...

My head spins as I read all sweet Kevin has/still has to endure. But the fact that he goes through it with you is a blessing beyond blessings.
We're praying. Continually.

smallseven said...

I think you have a future in writing my friend! God spoke SO strongly to me, just when I needed it through your post. I wrote the last 2 paragraphs in my journal. (mostly)
You do just shine for Him!
Praying for ya'll without ceasing!
Much Love,

Aaron and Erica said...

Oh my word...the trash emptying at 4:30am and the floor buffer at 5:30am. Two things we could do without in the early morning hours ;)

Praying you get to go home asap!! We love us some Dr. Romp too...tell him we're not moving to Utah when you see him!

Big hugs,


The Byrd's Nest said...

My friend....we ALL have a long way to go before completely understanding this:) It seems to me when I have been in the hospital they come in more often during the night than during the day? Que loco!!!!!

Praising God for a wonderful doctor and a good hospital. I have no doubt that the path has already been laid out before your sweet prince. I love you my friend and you remain in my heart:)

Our Journey to China said...

I am so excited to read your post for today! As we get closer to Emma's surgery and I have to trust God with it ALL, even her current spiking fever-wanting her to be well for surgery-I can only pray for you more, sweet friend! You are truly a BEACON for God's love,and 'Bob' too! (good ole Rebekah!) Thank you for your testimony to hold on to God's love while we are 'going through' all God has for us in this life. We are so thankful for your family and our prayers and thoughts are with you everyday. :0) I pray you are all safely home in your own beds now! :0)

TanyaLea said...

Oh Laine~

How I've missed you and your family, and staying in touch. Thank you for all your kind comments and emails during our time in China. I don't know how you could think of us with all that you had on your own plate. We prayed for Kevin while we were at NewDay, and have continued lifting him and your family up. You STILL inspire me, Laine! I'm SO glad that God chose you and Rob to be Kevin's parents... you have been amazing and I'm quite certain God understands the emotions and even the anger that comes at times! ;)'s our 'reaction' (or ACTION!!) that counts! Praise God for his unfailing love and guidance. He WILL see you all through!

Praying, praying, and still praying!!!! <><

Love you all,

Ashley said...

You are amazing Laine! - God continues to use Kevin's life as an example of so many things that I need to have more of. He is so full of courage and strength - endurance! - COMPLETE JOY - and LOVE. He is a warrior! And what precious servant's hearts his siblings have!

Blessings to everyone -
We send hugs and prayers!

Rhonda Bryant said...

I love you Laine!! When I read your posts about Kevin I know how you feel, even though Bailee and Kevin's situations are completely different,I remember many times thinking We were never going to see pr know normal again. I would always go around singing... HE who began a good work in you will be Faithful to complete it!! HE was going to get Bailee back to the point she was, and HE is going to heal little Kevin I just know it! WE love you all and keep you in our prayers all the time!!!!!

Oh and Laine YOU need to write a book one day about the journey God has Called you and Rob to. It would be a BEST SELLER! Your Faithfulness to our Lord is a FAITH the whole world needs to see!!

We were not at church Sunday :( We are on vacation. I am sorry I am terrible at not letting anyone know. We should be there this Sunday.

living4him5 said...

Still praying...

Love ya all!