Thursday, June 3, 2010

A new world record....

for how many times a mom can give up Diet Coke only to go back to it again.

Kevin's low grade fever came back to see us this afternoon.

I admit, I carried the 20 ounce drink of joy around all afternoon. I never opened it, no. I just carried it. I might drink it though. Especially if we're heading back to the hospital. Just so you know.

Sweet little Kevin. Part of me says "NO FAIR!" Part of me says "GOD KNOWS!" Thankfully, the part that trusts God prevails most every time, and I come to my senses, and remember to put my focus on the One who has every day of Kevin's life ordained and written before any of them came to be.

He teaches us over and over to pray THROUGH life's issues. Don't just pray to an end. Pray it THROUGH. Again and again I pray to a certain end, with a goal in sight, the goal is reached and I breathe a sigh of relief. Only to realize I am not to cease being fervent in prayer, running after my Father, crawling in His lap and spending boo-koodles of time with Him. It is not so much the end result that is the PROCESS that brings Him glory. I remember Him teaching me that when we adopted Kimmie and Quan.

Christ loves us so infinitely! Don't you feel it too? It's not just us....He loves YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will see what tomorrow holds...isn't it WONDERFUL to remember WHO holds tomorrow? I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!


Stefanie said...

Goodness, that little man is the cutest thing... I think he'd be just perfect for my Vivienne :)
Praying, Laine! I just know your mama's heart is struggling with this, but He is so glorified by your actions and your faith!!
Standing with you and asking Him for healing for that sweet Kevin!!

The Collier Bunch said...

We continue to pray. We know you are ready for a break maybe things will settle down.

Dollar General said...

Praying with you Laine! And I have to say I felt the relief and the "whew" but I think the Lord wants us all back in the throne room! Thanks for the update! Love you!

MamaHen said...

Our family prayed for Kevin last night. We prayed for his complete healing.

Our Journey to China said...

I am always so VERY encouraged by your blogs to trust in God's plan for it all and through it all, especially now with a surgery date for Emma. God IS with you! We love you and are praying!!!