Friday, June 11, 2010

Still doing good!

Sorry for not letting you know we made it home Wednesday evening! Kevin's ultrasound of his kidneys did not show anything alarming, and they haven't called us to tell us he has a UTI, so that means his culture did not grow any bacteria.

He has not had ANY fever since we left the hospital! Praise the Lord! He just has a nasty cough. But he is feeling better. Thursday he played and walked and talked more than he has in over a month! It is SO yummy to see him feel more like his ol' self!

His rash is peeling off in sheets! Since he is such a picker, he loves peeling it off! Everywhere he goes he leaves a trail of dead skin! Believe me, I'm HAPPY to sweep up those skin flakes! It makes me think of the Lord just sweeping that rash right off of him!

Today we will go back to Children's for a blood culture. They took him off all antibiotics so they could get a "pure" result from his blood when they look for infection. They will also take blood tomorrow. We are praying these cultures will not grow a thing!

I have some really cute pics that I will put up later when I can figure out how!

Please continue to pray for sweet Maria. They ended up doing open heart surgery on her, because when they went in to repair her lung, it had healed! So they decided to go ahead and do the "Fontan" procedure which is the last in a series of surgeries to heal her heart. She has had some complications, but also some improvements in the last 24 hours. Please hop over and send her some love:

P.S. Kevin will also, Lord willing, have the Fontan surgery too. But first he has to have the "Glenn". Maria had the Glenn in China.

P.S.S. Please pray for our step-dad. He is in the hospital with pneumonia. Pray for my sweet momma!

The power of prayer should never be under-estimated! Even now, as you read this, saying a simple, heart-felt prayer releases the power of Jesus to work His will, intervening in mighty ways!

Thank you and we love you all!


living4him5 said...

Praying for Maria, Kevin, GranBob and your momma!!!

Love to all,
Amy <><

Our Journey to China said...

Love you guys! We are praying for you guys, Kevin, Maria and GranBob as well. :0) I also shared it with Jane to pray.

The Collier Bunch said...

we continue to pray for Kevin. Maria is improving daily, still a long way to go but the surgeon is very pleased with her so far. Thanks for the prayers on her behalf.

The Byrd's Nest said...

How amazing our Father is and His love for us my friend. I am so thankful.....I would be thankful for the sheets of skin too;)

Praying for a break from all of the hospitals and doctors.....praying for some energetic playtime with all your babies!

P.S. That is why you NEED YOUR DIET COKE!!!!!!! lol

Kristi said...

Praising God along with you for being back at home with the rest of your crew!