Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Update

Kevin seems to be doing pretty good in the hospital with his disposition this time. Of course he despises having the blood draws and vital signs, etc. but he got a new one to despise today... the dreaded catheter. Because they have discovered some bacteria in his urine, they have had to put in a catheter. They are growing the bacteria now to see how to best treat it. They also think this could be the source of his fever but are not certain yet.

Laine didn't get a lot of sleep last night so please pray that is different tonight. She spoke with a wonderful doctor there today who understood the sleep deprivation issue and asked the nurses not to disturb them much, PTL. I think she was going to have from 8 PM - 4 AM undisturbed so I'm praying they get some much needed sleep.

Thank you all for your unending prayers... don't stop!


DiJo said...

Praying for peaceful sleep in that room!!!! Laine, we will have to have a conversation about how after 25 years I started drinking diet coke again.... :)

Lifting you up in MN!


smallseven said...

Still praying! For Kevin's complete healing and Laine so much needed rest!

The Byrd's Nest said...

We will never cease in prayer for you my friends....never! I can't really blame him for the catheter...yucky...poor little prince:(

Praying for sleep and Praising the Lord that the doctors understood the need for sleep...hug my Laine for me:)