Friday, July 16, 2010

She's FINALLY going to meet her family!

Meet Madelyn! We have been looking at her beautiful face since February of 2009. Her file came to us in a very AMAZING way. We were asked to advocate for her. She is from Wuhan, just like Kimmie and Quan! I felt led to send her picture to a sweet bloggy friend of mine, and GOD MOVED MOUNTAINS for my friend to pursue her, and today her family left for China to bring her home! It has been a long road filled with prayer, tears, more prayer, joy, more tears, more prayer.....but now she is just days away from meeting her forever family. Would you like to follow along and watch another miracle of God? Please do! And leave Amy a comment to encourage her. You have no idea how much "feedback" from home makes such a difference when you're thousands of miles away!
Follow their journey HERE!
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Ashton said...

Oh that is SO awesome!!

TanyaLea said...

OMGoodness, Laine!! I had NO idea you advocated for Madelyn and were the one who told Amy about her. How neat is that!?! It has been such a journey for them, I am just SO glad to see them finally ready to bring her HOME!! YIPEEEE Jesus! :)

Praying for them during this exciting time! <><

Our Journey to China said...

God is truly good!! And you are faithful, thank you, Jesus!