Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Snapshot: Our "adoptive" family

Ni Hao Y'all

I'm getting the hang of this Sunday Snapshot thang! I think I like it! Don't forget to head over to Stefanie's blog to see some other amazing Sunday Snapshots! I love all the variety, don't you?

For this week's Sunday Snapshot, I'd like you to meet a family that we adopted, and they adopted us right back:
The Bush Family!

Janice, Doug, & Sarah Grace Bush
(If you ever want to make an American woman who lives in China happy, buy her ziploc bags! ;)

The Bush's work with New Day Foster Home in Beijing....where Kevin lived!

Our connection with the Bush's actually began in 2008 when we were in process to adopt Candie. We exchanged emails with Doug, because we knew he made formula trips to the village where Candie lived in LePing.

Our paths crossed again when we were matched with Kevin. We emailed the Bush's at least once a week, and they kept us updated on Kevin's progress. They made a trip to the States in January before we traveled to adopt Kevin, and we were able to spend some great quality time getting to know them face to face. What a blessing they are! Then the very next month when we were in Guangzhou finishing our adoption trip, we met up with them again a couple of times. Wonderful fellowship, I tell ya! When I think about things that "fill my tank", being with them is high on the list!

Our children adore Sarah Grace, and the feeling is mutual judging from the giggles and playing that ensue when our two families get together! The "connections" we have with the Bush's are amazing! First, they are from our state, even living for a time in the city where we grew up. Second, Candie and Sarah Grace are from the same village! (Yall, China is enormous. This is unbelievable!) Thirdly, they helped care for Kevin until we came to China to adopt him!

We were so blessed last week to get to see them again for a brief time at lunch! They are stateside seeing family, including their adorable grandson...and we treasured every minute we could spend with them! They are Kevin's official adopted "Aunt Janice" and "Uncle Doug". And he did love seeing them I believe!

Sometimes when you meet people, you just feel like you're "home". Do you know what I mean? This is how we feel about the Bush's. We enjoy their company so much. No pretenses, no pleasantries needed. Just home.

OH! Speaking of HOME...PLEASE go check out the new foster home in Southern China! God is moving HUGE to expand New Day for the sake of His orphans, and Doug, Janice, & Sarah Grace are right smack dab in the middle of His plan! It is SO exciting! Please pray for them, for New Day South, and for the new babies who will grace the doors soon! Our church will be hosting another "Rockathon" to raise funds for New Day will be this fall...I'll keep you posted!
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Our Journey to China said...

It is great that you got to see Doug and Janice again! I know Kevin was tickled!! :0) Adoption does truly take you to places and people that only God can do. So glad you guys have a great time.:0)

Katherine said...

Hahaha...I had to laugh about the comment about ziplocs. :) As someone living in China, I can totally relate! We "fight" over used bags on our team. :)

What amazing and special connections you all have!

Jennifer said...

We met some american missionaries in China during our first adoption. They too were working with special needs orphans. Three years later we were back in China adopting from their organization.
I always love how God weaves all our experiences together to accomplish His will.


Wife of the Pres. said...

Great snapshots and stories! It never ceases to amaze me how God weaves lives together. The world is big and yet our Father is so much bigger!!!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh what a special family....BOTH families are oh so special! What a blessing they must have been to you while you were waiting to bring Prince Kevin home:)

Stefanie said...

Amazing! God is so good and sends us encouragement in so many shapes and sizes!!
What a blessing :)
P.S. that Kevin is positively edible! What a little cutie-pie he is!!!

Susan said...

I am always amazed at the friendships we form over the years and the places we find new and wonderful friends. Thanks for sharing!

Kristi said...

I'm so glad you were blessed by getting to spend time with Doug and Janice again!
Thanks for the link to the New Day South page. I've been wondering how we could be more involved...

a Tonggu Momma said...

It takes a special friend to understand the importance of ziploc bags. That's all I'm saying. *grin*

Doug & Janice said...

what a great and timely reminder to us (as we are readying for our journey back to china and leaving family) of God's faithfulness to bless us with new friends and family! (Matthew 19:29)

laine - as we were leaving my mother's house yesterday, janice had a momentary moment of panic when she didn't see the ziplocs!

we love you guys, y'all come..

doug, janice & sarah grace

Just A Family said...

Hey girl! You have got to listen to the baby conference by vison forum. I thought of you so much:)
I have it and you can borrow it.
Maybe we could get together.....

Praying for the little guy at childrens..sad sad.

I know close friends of mine want him but not sure about DHR? you?