Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Snapshot---Sweet Carlie

Ni Hao Y'all

This is my first time to participate in Stefanie's Sunday Snapshot fun! If you don't know about Stefanie, please go check out her blog HERE and see the others who have some awesome Sunday snapshots. Then look at how precious Stefanie's heart is for others. You will fall in love with her family like I have!

I have lots of subjects for a Sunday Snapshot. But today's subject has done something quite special this week.

Martha Carlisle was born January 15, 2001, with beautiful red hair. She is our fourth biological child, our second daughter. She was the baby of the family for six years until her two little siblings from China came home in 2007. Let me assure you, our Carlie will always be the baby in her own little way!

Carlie has a mind of her own. Once she gets something in her head, she sticks with it, seeing it through to fruition. She works at everything with all her heart, as if she's working for the Lord, not for men. (Col. 3:23)

Not many things are just "passing fancies" for her. When she decided she wanted to ride horses, she stuck with that passion until her dream was realized on her 7th birthday. (Remember this?)

Her latest conviction was to grow her hair out to donate for Locks of Love. Her beautiful red curls. At first, I thought it was a sweet idea. "Go for it, honey!"

As the months passed by, and her hair indeed grew and grew, I watched the long red ringlets bounce as she'd walk and think to myself, "How can we EVER cut this hair?" Vanity on my part, I realize that.

Each time we went for a trim, she would ask if her hair was the required 10 inch length. "Just a little bit more time" was the reply. Or "Maybe by next summer".

Inside, I would sigh a big breath of relief.

This spring Carlie was "Annie" in her dance recital. Her teacher, who happens to be like a sister to me, suggested we cut it before the recital. Carlie really wanted to, but I made up excuse after excuse and put it off. She ended up wearing a cute little Annie wig, with her red tendrils hidden underneath.

Last week we had hair appointments. I knew she was itching to get that ponytail measured. I knew it was the right thing to do. She had prayed and prayed about it. She was passionate about donating her hair for all the right reasons.

The day before our "beauty salon" day, we ran into a sweet friend at the library. Her daughter just "happened" to get her hair cut and donated a few days prior. She told us that she had researched different options for donating ponytails and informed us about Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program. (Thank you Janet!) With Pantene, the ponytail only has to be 8 inches, and Pantene donates their wigs to cancer patients--FREE.

I knew this was not a "chance" meeting in the library. And I knew what Carlie would be doing in less than 24 hours.

And now Carlie has had yet another dream realized. And prayerfully her dream has helped someone else's dream come true too.

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We love you Carlie! Not only do you make us smile, but you make your Father smile BIG!


Jennifer Taylor said...

What an amazing heart she has! She is absolutely beautiful!!

Stefanie said...

What a beautiful story of a beautiful heart :) That Carlie certainly IS sweet! And is beautiful with and without those 8" of that gorgeous red hair!!
And what a blessing she was able to keep those extra 2 inches :)
Happy Sunday Ferrill Family!! Made me smile big to see your post today!!

Kristi said...

The love behind it makes her new do even more beautiful! I pray that when my children reach the age of nine that they are putting others before themselves just like Carlie.

Anonymous said...

Carlie, you are just precious!

Anonymous said...

I donated once - a complete shock to my family & co-workers, but I never missed that hair! When I've cut it just to suit myself, I've had regrets aplenty, but when I donated it - not even a moment of regret.


smallseven said...

That is SO precious!

Alycia said...

Carlie! Your hair looks beautiful!
I know that someone will be totally blessed by your gift.
God bless you always!
Miss Alycia and family

jhand said...

Too Sweet! Carlie, I love the new look.

Glad to hear that Kevin is doing well right now.


Our Journey to China said...

What a sweet heart for God's love! KK and Carlie, two hearts after God's own. I love the new look, Carlie!! :0)

living4him5 said...


Carlie, you are a doll!!

Amy <><

Anonymous said...

I was at Ni Hao Y'all when I saw Carlie's picture at the bottom of the post. I thought, "I know her!"

Carlie, you hair looks wonderful! Just perfect! Your beautiful hair reminds me of your beautiful smile and beautiful heart!

The Princess's Mommy said...

Sweet Carlie! You are SO beautiful!! What a sweet spirit you have.


MamaHen said...

She is just precious Laine. Abbie is growing her hair for Locks of Love also and it is affecting me lots more than her. I know it is just hair and will grow back, but it is my babies hair.

She looks so sweet with her new haircut!

Trace Car Driver said...

AWWWWW! i love it. sweet story and super sweet lil girl. and beautiful too!!!

CK said...

Darling! Carlie looks so very happy, what a sweetheart! Hannah donated her hair last year and Sarah is about to donate hers-

TanyaLea said...

I love the way you have trained your children up in the scriptures, that their hearts are already molded and dedicated to Christ in all that they do! Carlie is BEAUTIFUL ...just like her sweet heart!!! Gorgeous hair...I know someone is going to be extremely blessed by her lovely locks given in such love! :)

Dardi said...

So, so sweet...What a beautiful girl, inside & out!

Southern Cheesehead said...

and it looks so cute!!!! We love you Carlie!

Dollar General said...

For some reason the pictures wouldn't come up for me - but Carlie is the sweetest thing on two feet! She is so mature! I can't believe she is just a year older than Noah - that's just crazy! She's absolutely beautiful inside and out! I would love me some of her hair! So she is doing a great thing! I wish we could see where her hair goes!! Don't you? Sweet sweet story! Love you Laine!

Dollar General said...

OK - I finally see the pictures and you SO should have taken Shalita's advice and cut it for Annie! SHE'S A DOLL!!!!

The Byrd's Nest said...

With short or long hair the heart of Jesus shines through this precious child's smile!!!!!! Love you:)

Unknown said...

What a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart!!!
Firstbrook Five