Friday, July 16, 2010

The view

What a view from my chair in the waiting room of the dentist office.

Seven children plus one mom got our teeth cleaned.
It only took 4.5 hours!

Thanks to Denise, our sweet hygienist, who came in on her DAY OFF so she could clean our teeth in one swoop! That 's a LOT of teeth, Mrs. Denise. I don't have a pic of Mrs.Denise because she was laying out cold on the dental chair, panting and sweating after she finished the last of us.
just kidding!

Yall shoulda been there last week when 8 children plus one mom got their hair cut in one swoop. Thank you Lord for a beauty salon and a dental office who love us so much to accommodate us so generously! And thank you Lord for "feeling good days"!!!!!!

One month from today is Kevin's heart cath! Today we go for a checkup so I'll keep yall posted! (Update! Kevin got a GREAT report: NO RIND! And his oxygen sats were 82! Praise the Lord! Those numbers are great for him! Before his appointment we had prepped him pretty good for a doctor's visit. It had been a MONTH since he'd been to the doctor! Isn't that wonderful? Every time we drive downtown he sees the big buildings and says "No doctor, no doctor" and I reassure him, "No buddy, we're not going to the doctor today!" But today I had to tell him "Yes, we ARE going today" and his eyes filled with big crocodile tears. BREAK MY HEART! He always screams during his echocardiograms, so I told him if he didn't cry, I would give him gum and take him to Walmart and buy him a Woody. (He loves Woody from Toy Story--but don't worry, Miss Pattycake, you're still his favorite! Why just last night he was singing to you in his crib---well singing to your "action figure" anyway! :) SOOOOOO....Kevin was VERY brave. He did not cry one tear at the cardiologist! Dr. Romp was AMAZED! So were we! Thank you Jesus, it was such an answer to prayer! (Kevin's seven brothers and sisters were saying BIG prayers that he wouldn't cry!) And yes, as soon as we left, we went right to Walmart and got him a Woody which he proceeded to smother with kisses as he rode in the buggy for the rest of the shopping trip. It was adorable. HE is adorable! Thank you all for continuing to pray for little Kevin!


Symasek Family Circus said...

GO Laine!! I am nervous about taking all 5 to the orthodontist to wait while Drew gets his braces...I will just remember you taking everyone to the dentist... :-)

The Byrd's Nest said... have impressive way would Lottie and Emma sit somewhere for 4 HOURS!!!!! You rock Mom!!!!!!!

TanyaLea said... are one very BRAVE mama...with a WONDERFUL troup of kiddos!! Sounds like a great dental office you go to! :)

And PTL for such an awesome report for Kevin. Poor little guy, he's been through so much...I'm so proud of him for being so BRAVE and holding back those tears!

Love you,

Trace Car Driver said...

wow. that says so much about you sweet ferrill's that your dentist and hairdresser go out of their way to help you out! i can barely handle 2, yes TWO! ha.
and did ya'll get the awesome ($20) woody at walmart, that looks just like the one from the movie? nate gave in and bought it for trace!! :) sweet kevin, he def needed a reward for being such a big boy. and praise god for the good news!! love ya'll!