Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sunday Snapshot---Kevin & His Peeps

His peeps include Miss Pattycake and Woody.

They'll be escorting him to the hospital at 6 a.m. Monday morning.

It's time for another heart cath.

Obviously, Kevin is thrilled.

Can't you see the excitement all over his face?

I think he's trying to devise a way out with his peeps.

Apparently they weren't on his side. ;)

I pity them, really.

Yes, it's that time again already! It's been four months since his BT shunt surgery, and the doctors want to see if his lungs are ready for his next surgery, the Glenn procedure. So will you please send up prayers on behalf of little man? To God be the glory!

Ni Hao Y'all


Tanya Hindman said...

Precious little man. We are fervently praying for Kevin as you prepare him for tomorrow, for the doctors, and for his family who loves him so very much!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Lifting up your little man! Kevin is so brave! (and so are Miss Pattycakes and Woody!)


Our Journey to China said...

So good to see you guys yesterday! We will be praying for Kevin, you all and the doctors and staff as well. :0) Love to you all!!

Ashley said...

I will be thinking about yall tomorrow. Big hugs you courageous little boy!!!

Hugs Laine.


3 Countries 1 Love said...

Prayers going out to Kevin....may his "peeps" help him through the days ahead!

Robyn said...

I have a little girl with the same affection for Woody and a previous affection for Miss Pattycake! I will certainly be praying for Kevin, those days aren't too far behind us and I well remember what it was like. Praying for great news too!

Jenilee said...

that is sweet. I'll be praying for him!

Stefanie said...

Absolutely, positively praying for that little man, AND his posse :)
Please keep us posted, Laine!!
Big ol' hugs to you all!!!

Joscelyn said...

We will be praying for Kevin, his peeps, & your whole family. Love y'all lots.

Aaron and Erica said...

Love the pictures of Kevin and his "peeps"! We'll be praying...thanks for letting us know!!

Hope for Lucy said...

We will be praying for that sweet baby boy that I wanted to bring home yesterday. It was great seeing your entire family yesterday. We love you guys!

The Collier Bunch said...

Praying for Kevin and all of you. Keep us posted.

Steve and Jan said...

Absolutely! Prayers are coming your way!

What a cute little man! Loved those pics! My kids are not wanting to play with Woody, Jessie or Bullseye anymore and want to get rid of them, but I REFUSE!!!! I love them!

Look forward to hearing how things go.


Kristi said...

We're praying ~ have never stopped! Our adoption fellowship group is on too.
Sweet Kevin we love you and know that God has big plans for you. We are all standing firm with our mustard seed...

Cindy Jones said...

We will be praying for "Kebin", as Elizabeth says his name, and the rest of the family. Love ya.

Pandamonium Mom said...

Oh, praying for Kevin! We were so glad to see your sweet family yesterday. A couple observations:
1. I always thought Kevin was completely adorable in pictures. He is. But he's even more adorable in person! I resisted the urge to just pick him up during lunch. You know, since he didn't know me and all. :-)
2. Your big kids were so polite and gracious and kind, especially to the little ones. Not just your little ones, but all the little ones.
3. Can I be Quan's mother-in-law?? He is so precious. I don't care which of my girls he marries - he's in the middle of both of them age-wise so he can pick. :-)Of course, Hannah claims to have known him longer. You know, since they were "best friends" in the orphanage and all! (Which I think she partially claimed because Sadie really did have a little best friend in her orphanage that was adopted a little before her).

Anyway, I enjoyed seeing you yesterday even if it seemed brief. And today, we're praying for sweet Kevin.

Alycia said...

Hi Ferrill Family!
We would be honored to pray for your little man tomorrow. We can hardly wait to hear the happy news about his lungs. :)
Lifting you and Rob up too. This is hard on you, but, you are amazing!
We love you guys!
Alycia and family

Carla said...

prayers for the heart cath and for the recovery period...hope you get good news!

Trace Car Driver said...

love the pics!! so precious.
praying... so is our sunday school class. god is gonna do big things with little kevin, i just know it!
zeph 3:17
love ya!!

Susan said...

Kevin is darling! He'll be in our prayers...

TanyaLea said...

Hey there,

I'm obviously late on praying him through the procedure, but we are always lifting your little man up and think of you often. Such a hunny... he sure is growing. Hang in there Ferrill Clan you already know, you are not alone! <><