Monday, August 16, 2010

Update on heart cath

Thank you for your prayers! Praise the Lord, we have had so many answered prayers today! We arrived at 6 a.m. and Kevin was first on the list. We were put in a room while we waited, and Kevin made himself right at home with his choo choo trains and cars. Then he discovered the big red Cozy Coupe car and soon was dashing around the halls, cackling and singing all the way. What a different child than was in the hospital in April and May!

He was so active and happy, that when Dr. MacMahon came in to discuss the procedure, he firmly stated that it was very obvious that this little fella was doing great, and maybe we didn't even need to DO a heart cath! ;)

But alas, those lung pressures needed to be checked. About 8:30 they took Kevin back without a whimper! His "happy juice" had kicked in and he went through those big double doors just fine. Thank you Lord! (That is the first time there have been no tears, even with the happy juice!)
We were called back to recovery about 12:00. (yes it was a looooooooong 3.5 hours!) Kevin was very groggy and unhappy, and still is presently. He's thrown up a good bit. Anesthesia just does that to ya sometimes. Someone told me that eating jelly beans at midnight the night before surgery will prevent nausea and I've heard it really works! I just couldn't wake a sleeping 3 year old to give him jelly beans in the middle of the night, though. Know what I mean? ;)

The preliminary results of the cath show that his lung pressures have lowered. However they are not low enough for them to feel comfortable doing the Glenn surgery that Kevin needs. I know the doctors are going to discuss this further, so nothing is set in stone yet.

I'm so thankful the Lord has His hand on Kevin! He is sovereign and He knows what's best! We have prayed and prayed (and so have YOU!) that God would give the doctors wisdom, and the Lord has answered our prayers and continues to move on Kevin's behalf, for God's glory. We know that! No matter what, whether he gets to have the Glenn, or not, God is good AMEN? Kevin having the Glenn surgery would not make God any greater than He already is! He is King over all, and He reigns, and we praise Him!

Now I'm going to watch my sleepy little fella doze next to Woody. We may get to go home tonight, we will wait and see how he does! Thank you for praying!


Tanya Hindman said...

I've been prayerfully awaiting an update today!! Thanks for letting us know how he's doing, and we'll continue praying for him.

Trace Car Driver said...

praise god for no tears, for wisdom, and for lower pressures. and for a sweet mama who is gonna give him the glory no matter what! still praying. hope the night and next few days are smooth. xoxo :)

Jennifer Taylor said...

Praying for your sweet family! Hopefully we can make it to the LL reunion next year!

The Collier Bunch said...

So glad that he was a good little guy before surgery. We understand that. Sorry the lung pressures are still a bit high. We will continue to pray for them to come down so he can have the Glenn.

Praying that he is feeling better this evening and that he is back up and around quickly. Maria misses him.

Football and Fried Rice said...

Praise God!!!!!!! What a big boy!

Kristi said...

Praising God that things look stable so far. I don't understand His plan at the moment, but then, I haven't "during the storm" for many of the things He has blessed me with in life. It is only later when I look back that I realize His timing and His plan were SO much better than my own.
We will continue to stand with our mustard seed!

Sherri said...

Praying for wisdom. Isn't it such a relief to know that God knows best?

I'm so glad we got to see your sweet family on Saturday.

Dollar General said...

So happy to hear the procedure has gone well so far! Praying for y'all tonight! Love you so much!

The Princess's Mommy said...

Praise God things went well and those pressures are down!! Glad you got to come home and hope you got some rest. Poor Quan..hope those pukies stay away from the rest of the Fab Ferrills!

Love you,

Our Journey to China said...

So thankful God is God ALL the time! We definitely do not always see God in our storms, but He IS there! Thank you, Jesus!! Praying for Kevin's and your miracle, in Jesus' name!! Love to you all!