Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ways to Help!

Oh I am so excited to give you an opportunity to help two families bring their children home from China!

The Hixons (beware! Serious cuteness on their blog! ;) are some local folk who we know and love...they have SIX biological and are bringing home sweet Hai Hai from China. Go
HERE to see how you can help!

The "K Crew" are adding again to their big family too! (Connie and I are Guangzhou buddies--she also paid a visit to us during one of Kevin's hospital visits so I could cry on her shoulder!)
I added their button on the sidebar....
HERE is the link to their blog.

Every day we pray for more Christian families to rise up and answer God's call....we praise the Lord for these and so many others who are surrendering to His will! I am also excited that Ernie (our pastor) & Michele at our church are in the processing of adopting, and also one more family from our church, the Jones is SO exciting to witness children being grafted into forever families.

We attended the Lifeline reunion Saturday, and it was such a blessing being surrounded by all the adopted children from China! It was a slice of Heaven, I tell ya. I mean, what can beat the fellowship with new friends and old friends? Oh how fun it was to see so many familiar faces, some we traveled with on each journey, some we followed their stories and were able to meet the children in person who we had prayed for through pictures. Our hearts overflowed on Saturday. In fact, that glorious day carried us into this very week of a heart cath and throw up really nicely. The reunion seems like it was 10 years ago, so I'm glad to be thinking of it again. (Is it really only Thursday, yall?) ;)

Anyway, I'm stopping the writing so you can go NOW and check out the K crew and Hai Hai's new family...prepared to have your socks blessed off!


Mom said...

Are y'all ready to escape to the beach the week before Labor Day? I think it's time the kids learned about tar balls. Love, Mom.

Mike said...

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Southern Cheesehead said...

oh my...I didn't know that about the Hixons I don't awesome!!! I'll be praying for them - I just went to their blog and yes, total cuteness!

And thanks for still calling us your pastor and wife from church...means a lot. We miss you guys so much

TanyaLea said...

Oh how sweet...I don't think I knew that Connie visited you when Kevin was in the hospital. A true friend and a blessing, indeed. I love Connie and I'm SO excited about their journey. Can't wait to help!

And I don't know the Hixons, but look forward to visiting their blog, too.

God bless! <><