Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thoughts from God... from Rob

I went to an event at the Oak Mountain Amphitheater last night that was incredible. Just wanted to share some truths that God reminded me of through the incredible preaching of Rick Burgess.

Too many of us worry about things that don't really matter in life. The most important thing that we can do in life is to be "about His business". Too many of us so-called Christians are worried about our retirement and our football team and impressing our friends and neighbors while none of that really matters. Did you know that 90% of Christians that responded to a recent survey said they had "NEVER" shared their faith? I don't know about you, but I want to be working towards a "Well Done!"

God uses us "Christians" to show his glory to the world. This is why we are made weak so He can be made strong and receive glory. He should receive the glory for a family with 8 kids and 4 being adopted. He's the one that orchestrated and paid for all of it. He's the one that sustains us everyday... it's not super-mom or super-dad!

We "Christians" should be showing Christ to the world and especially to our families through the way we live. We are supposed to be different... "not of this world". We are supposed to be set apart. I really want my kids to see that their parents followed God at all cost, because He gave up everything for us! I love when David Crowder sings... "Yeah He loves us, Oh how he loves us!"

I saw a true revival tonight guys... about 500 decisions for Christ! Never seen that many at one time before. It was an incredible Spirit filled experience. That old saying came true again as it always does for this old sap... "When the Holy Spirit squeezes your heart, juice runs out your eyes!"

Lastly... I heard Rick say this on the radio the other day. "Sanctification is a lifelong process. Problem is some of us never started it and some of us hit the pause button along the way". Wake up oh sleeper, rise from the dead... Christ will shine on you!


The Ferrill's said...

I am so thankful God gave me you for my husband!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

smallseven said...

Thanks for sharing Rob! That was some awesome stuff! You have challenged my heart through your words and increased my faith in God's provision. God just spoke to me tonight through that last verse you shared. He confirmed that word through you!

Kristi said...

I read this last night just before I headed off to dreamland and am still chewing on it. Thanks for sharing Rob!
I'm praying that He will use me to SHINE today!

Our Journey to China said...

Thank you, Rob, for this heart reminder. :0) God is good and I do want our kids to remember seeing Jesus in me. :0)

Southern Cheesehead said...

That sounds similar to his message he brought at his son's memorial service "be about His business". It was awesome...especially given the circumstances. I am astounded...actually angered by that statistic...and deeply saddened for all the people that needed to hear and didn't. May God give us boldness, but even a bigger prayer is that we would have a desire for boldness.

The Byrd's Nest said...

What a wonderful reminder! And so true...for me...I share my faith WAY more in foreign countries than right at home in my back yard. Thanks Rob!!!! You should speak more often on the family blog:)