Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rockathon Part 1

What an amazing night! God showed up really BIG in so many BIG ways, just like Him!

A foursome who are FOR ORPHANS! Thank you Nikki, Janet, and Ashley for helping make this night possible. Your planning, prayers, and preparation made the Rockathon go so smooth! (I need to get a pic of the back of the Rockathon t-shirts...SO CUTE!)
Our first rockers of the evening....the Symasek family! Nikki, thanks for rocking in a teeny tiny rocking chair! LOL! This was just the beginning of lots of rocking! To think about all these people pounding the pavement to get sponsors, and then rocking faithfully for the orphans at New Day just FILLS MY HEART and I know it makes God smile! Bless you ALL!

More to prepared to be AMAZED!
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Dollar General said...

I can't wait to hear the GRAND TOTAL!!!

Kristi said...

So next year when we have no imminent trip to China, we'll bring our newest New Day grad to rock beside yours. It is on my calendar in permanent ink...
Can't wait to hear how much you guys raised!

Tami said...

This was such a great idea....any fitness level or age can be guys ROCK!