Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rockathon Part 2

....and so the rocking continued...
texting and rocking....

solving the world's problems and rocking...

reading the Word and rocking...

rocking and being very cute (Lily Mei we missed you SO much; I could just imagine you rocking in this picture too! Hope you're feeling better!)

drinking and rocking (tea and lemonade, that is!)

rocking and talking about how much they want to adopt a child one day! (i just could NOT resist, girls!)

baby girls rocking babies....(warning: toddler girls who rock for orphans mean serious business!)

Two K's rocking (Kennedy and Kevin)--yes, you did see Kennedy rocking already. Kennedy rocked anytime there was an empty chair. Then when it was her designated time to rock, she decided she was DONE! Hilarious!

And right about here is where my camera battery died. :)

But, hopefully someone will send me some pics, Ashley? AND just so I don't tease you for long, Robin (Dreaming of Tea for Three)commented on the original post announcing the Rockathon and she mentioned something about how much money she hoped we would raise. Well....there's your hint! :)

Stay tuned for more...we had some VERY SPECIAL guests! AND I know you want to find out who won the door prizes which were tons of fun....AND I want to share about how this Rockathon was about so much more than we thought it was....Praise GOD!


The Princess's Mommy said...

Oh how we hate we missed it!! I can just see LM rocking with those sweet kiddos, too!

Can't wait to hear the rest of the what we missed! :)

Love y'all,

Waitingfaithfully said...

Love the pictures!! Can't wait to hear the rest of what our great BIG God did at the rock-a-thon! Good job, Laine and team--it looks and sounds like your rocking was a huge success for New Day South!



Kristi said...

So I went back and read every post I could find about the rockathon and couldn't find the comment...
I'm sad we missed it, but am so glad that it was a roaring success. Can't wait to hear what it was all about!

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Praise GOD from whom all blessings flow!! I am so thrilled that your rockathon was doubled..that is so like God!! Oh ya...oh ya... woohoo!!!

That made my night...thank you for sharing! :)

Love and blessings,

Our Journey to China said...

Just LOVE the pictures! So sorry we missed it. Praise God on His work in it!! It looks like a great time!! :0)

Southern Cheesehead said...

Hate that we couldn't be there, but I was raising money myself...for our own adoption!!! Ernie was out of town speaking, but we were there in spirit!! I still have a donation, by the way!

Mike and Barb said...

What a great event!
I just love your heart!