Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rockathon Part 3

Goodness! I had every intention of posting about this awesome night piece by wonderful piece in a prompt manner. Prompt is sometimes interrupted by L.I.F.E.!

So where did we leave off? Oh yes! Rockin'!
This scrumptious fella named Jonas won the prize for youngest rocker!

And these two honeys Buddy and Lillian won the prize for the oldest rockers with the youngest hearts! ;) Baby Jonas is their great-grandbaby! It's all in the family!

Teen Rockers! Chyna on the left won the prize for the individual who raised the most money! GO CHYNA! (One of my favorite parts of this Rockathon was how so many people who didn't know each other, from all seasons of life, just had the greatest fellowship! Teens who go to public school, teens who homeschool, single moms, moms of many, dads, Agape church members, Clearview church members, it just DIDNT MATTER! We were all rockin' for the orphans and with that common goal, we were ONE and we had a BLAST!)

Thank you Mrs. Linda for collecting and counting money! And making a beautiful pumpkin cake for the bake sale. Who bought that cake, anyway? I was too late in snagging it! :)

Look at sweet Lily Mei...she was sick so she "long distance" rocked from home! She was going to come all the way from Huntsville and she raised 250.00! GO LILY MEI! You are adorable rocking! And you are DEDICATED!

Jeremy won the prize for the most talkative rocker! ;) And Grant for the friendliest! :)

These girls handled the bake sale great! Thank you Tiffany, Anna, and Bailee! Bailee (on the right) won the prize for most creative fund-raising. She held a carnival in her backyard for the neighborhood kids, and donated all the proceeds to New Day South! WOW! Bailee, may God bless you BIG!

And now I want to share about our special guests! Do yall remember back in January of 2009, when we first saw Kevin's picture, he had several families interested in adopting him. One family put his file on hold for weeks, in hopes of adopting him. They prayed and prayed over Kevin. They had his file reviewed by doctors. They thought that Kevin was their son. But God nudged them to release his file. It was very hard, but they knew God was telling them that Kevin was supposed to be someone else's son. And they also knew that God had the perfect child for their family. Sure enough, just a short time later and this family was matched with a little boy who was meant to be their son.

The same week this family took Kevin's file off hold, we turned in our application to adopt again. The next day I saw that Kevin's picture no longer had the words "On Hold" beside it. And the rest is history. After we were matched with Kevin, our social worker Karla asked us if we would mind contacting the family who had held his file for so long. And so began a long distance friendship between the Ferrill and Perkins family.

Friday night at the Rockathon, our two families met for the first time. It was sweet, precious, almost indescribable. To say we feel a close bond is an understatement. The Perkins family was used by God to hold Kevin for our family. No one knew that back in the spring of 2009, but God has so graciously given us a clear picture of His purposes now. (Not that we see in full, but only in part--but that part is beautiful so far!)Two mommas with the sons that God ordained for us! (check out Kevin's look...no idea what THAT was all about!)

When Ashley and I hugged, tears flowed freely. It was like hugging a blessing from God. My heart overflowed with thankfulness for this precious momma who loved Kevin as he was her own son.
This picture is little but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in depth of love...Ashley is tenderly kissing Kevin's head. I love the way her hand is placed on top of his hair, just like a momma would do; I think this picture is simply beautiful. In fact, if I could stamp "God's Goodness" as a signature on it, I would.

Sometimes in the adoption community you hear about families reviewing files and then struggling with "is this our child?" and then guilt over releasing the file. We have been on that side of things, when we had to say "no" to a child. (I am pretty sure I posted about that and will try to go back and find it so I can link) And now we've been on the side where we are so blessed by a family's decision to obey the Lord's promptings, no matter how hard it is, and to release a child's file. It is an emotional experience, and truly my words can do it no justice. Our meeting the Perkins family solidified in my soul that God is IN CONTROL and when we follow His lead, He's got the rest of the details taken care of....sometimes we don't get to see that this side of Heaven. But sometimes He shows up at a Rockathon in Pinson, Alabama on a Friday night and shows us just how BIG HE IS!Grant and Kevin, blessed with forever families who are now forever bonded with one another!

Quinn Perkins and Quan...by the end of the night these two traded name tags and had decided they were going to switch identities! I can't tell them apart, can you? :)

The sweet Perkins sisters were so adorable hugging on Kevin. Ashley told me they still have his picture and pray for him...oh Lord you are amazing!

AND, the Perkins family won the door prize for the family who traveled the farthest....over 3 hours! AND they won the door prize for the family who raised the most money! GO PERKINS FAMILY AND GO GOD!

Now, I probably should've made this post into two parts. I've been long-winded, forgive me! So now....since you hung in there for this whole big post, here is the BIG NEWS of the night!

You may have already guessed, but God DOUBLED the amount we raised last year! So far we have over SIX THOUSAND dollars to send to New Day South, and the money is still coming in! This FAR exceeded our expectations! Of course, God knew! Eph. 3:20! We had one sweet family from Huntsville send in a very generous donation--you know who you are! THANK YOU!

May He receive all the glory! Thanks to all of you for praying, giving, rocking, sponsoring, and buying the baked yummies! And the BIG thanks go to Doug, Janice, Sarah Grace, and New Day for serving Christ by serving orphans. We know you are being obedient to His call and we count it an honor and privilege to rock for His children!


MamaHen said...

I have tears Laine! What a wonderful story of God's graciousness and love. And now it will spread all the way to China.

Southern Cheesehead said...

I think I cried at least 3 times reading this. Amazing post...amazing people...amazing God!!!

Trace Car Driver said...

A-M-E-N!!!! i hate we missed it, but thanks for the awesome posts and details about the nite. i feel like i was there! :) love love love the pics... esp the one of you and kevin with mrs perkins and her son! precious!

The Princess's Mommy said...

Oh Laine! What a precious post and a wonderful blessing to meet the Perkins family! I just LOVE it when God allows to see part of His amazing plan.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Love ya,