Friday, January 7, 2011


I guess if I had to choose between backtracking and backsliding, I'd rather backtrack! :) And since I'm so delayed in posting so many neato things, that's what I'll be doing on the blog. Backtracking while life is speeding forward.

This post is about a very sweet, special evening.

Wednesday night before Christmas.

Place: The Watkins house (our adopted college kid Kylie's mom and dad)

Time: Dark-thirty

Occasion: A cold Christmas hayride and sweet fellowship

We arrived at the Watkins home well prepared.

Mittens? check
Hats? check
Scarves? check
Big fluffy jackets? check
Excited children? double check

After a delicious meal of Mr. Tom's barbecue sandwiches, home-made potato salad, and baked beans, we bundled up for the big event.

Our first ever Christmas hay-ride.

God delivered beautiful, perfect weather. There was just enough bite in the air to cause us to snuggle together. The sky was crystal clear. It seemed we could see every star He ever made. He even blessed us with a sight so rarely seen: a shooting star! It shot across the sky so bright and fast-it took our breath away!
And the moon? FULL. In fact, we really didn't need our flashlights because the moonlight gave us the perfect "mood-lighting"! :)

Mr. Tom pulled us behind his tractor through fields, woods, and dirt roads...Mrs. Ann provided the quilts to sit on and to cover up with. We huddled together in a circle in the wagon and sang Christmas carols. No instruments. The only background music was the rattling of the wagon wheels and the humming of the tractor. No church pews. No hymn books. Just us, God, and the night-time sky.

If you're thinking this sounds too good to be true, too "Little House on the Prairie-ish" to be real--you're right. It was. But I'm not exaggerating this experience one bit, I promise. It really was a surreal evening!

Half-way through our hay-ride, Mr. Tom stopped the tractor so we could stretch our legs. The kids ran wild and free in a field with the moon light dancing along with them. Squealing and screaming and shouting---chasing and wrestling and tagging each other. There were no cares of the world in that field under the stars.

We loaded back into the wagon and started for home. By this time, some of us were laying down on our backs so we could admire the beautiful scene above us. Was it a night like this when the angels appeared to the shepherds? I wonder....

We enjoyed yummy dessert and hot coffee back inside. More than that, we enjoyed the sweet company of Kylie & Brad, and Mr. Tom & Mrs. Ann. We each took a turn sitting at their piano playing whatever our "one song" is that we know.
It was a delicious night all around. A night we will always remember! Thank you Watkins family for yet again enfolding our family in God's love! We are SO BLESSED to have you!

Kylie and her China babies! (your lap is gettin' kinda full, Kylie!)

Brad, Kylie, Kimmie on the hay-ride. Unfortunately, these are the only pics I have of the incredible evening! My camera battery died as soon as I took this pic. Sigh. Oh well. Maybe that's another reason I enjoyed myself so much--because I wasn't wrapped up in "capturing the moment"! I was able to soak in God's glorious creation and capture the moments in my heart!

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Kristi said...

I'm so glad you wrote about the moonlight! That night Ian and I stepped out onto the back porch after we put the kids to bed and soaked in the absolute beauty of the moonglow!
And while you don't have pictures to show, I smiled even bigger imagining you all soaking in the moments together. Sounds like a perfect tradition to start ~ now all we have to find here is a large field and a tractor...

Jodi said...

What a fun wonderful time to cherish!

Joscelyn said...

What a night & great blessing y'all had! Thank you for sharing, I almost felt like I was on the very same hayride. It sounds heavenly!

Jewels of My Heart said...

What a gift special times like this are...
Thank you so much sweet friend for your heart, your words of encouragement, for always lifting me up.
God bless you and your beautiful family,

Mike and Barb said...

That sounds like a wonderful evening.
I would really, really like to hear something "juicy", some sort of news maybe or at least some hints???????
I just KNOW something is brewing at the Ferrills, and my nosy little self WANTS TO KNOW....
Hugs, Barb

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh they are just little bundled up beauties!!!! What a special special time...the Lord has blessed you so much my friend:) And you are so deserving;)

Kylie said...

I told Brad that since he made it on the blog, he's in... :) Because the blog is the real test, right? Love y'all!!!