Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Snapshot: "These two...."

Oh my....they just make me smile so so so big! I have noticed lately more than ever the bond these two share.

Adopted together, from Wuhan, China, their foster mothers were sisters...three and a half years ago at a time when adopting two from China was rare and iffy. But these two...
...the namesakes of our blog. They were truly meant to be together. And though Quan wants to do more big boy stuff, and Kimmie wants to do more big girl stuff....they always drift back together to check in on each other.

It's a sweet sweet thing to get to be mom to these two! Thank you Lord!
(Kimmie often tells Quan if he wasn't her brother she would marry him....LOVE THAT!)

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Mandi said...

Kimmie and Quan sound just like Mylee and Drew. Those two are two peas in a pod. Where one is, the other is either right there, or just behind. They are too cute together and I just love watching them play together.

They definitely have each others backs.

TanyaLea said...

awwhhhh... "if he wasn't her brother, she'd marry him" ~ now that's what I call LOVE!!! SO cute! You are so blessed to have them both! <><

Unknown said...

What an amazing blessing that they were placed together in a family! It must have made their foster mothers very happy to know they'd remain together! They are adorable together. :)

Robyn said...

What a precious bond! One only God could create! I love that she would marry him - oh my, the sweet things kids say! Have a blessed week!

MamaHen said...

So sweet. I didn't know they were close in China also.

sweet momma luv u said...

How adorable are these two!!!! What a neat bond they share. I stopped bye from Sunday Snapshot.

Kristi said...

Sweetness! Absolute sweetness!

Our Journey to China said...

Absolutely precious! God is so good to bond your family together. :0)

Anonymous said...

So precious! Love the way God always has all the details so perfectly planned.

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh they make my heart smile:) I am blessed just looking at pictures of them...I can't imagine all of that preciousness in the same house!!

Steve and Jan said...

Oh! I just love those two sweet kids! Kimmie is so gorgeous and I am crazy about her glasses....adorable! And, Quan is SO handsome and his smile has always, always warmed my heart!

Hugs to everyone!


Stefanie said...

MEANT to be together, for SURE :)
How I love those two precious babies!!

Waitingfaithfully said...

I love Kimmie and Quan's story--God's story, really. What a precious pair they are.

I was thinking since Kimmie can't marry Quan, ummm . . . perhaps Teddi could. Love that boy's smile. Love it!

And HURRAY for Keith! OH MY OH MY OH MY! Congratulations Ferrill Family, and what a blessing that he is at New Day! A new journey to yet another treasure. God is so good!

Love from Texas, I'm smiling big!


DiJo said...

Hi!!! PRECIOUS pics!!! Seriously PRECIOUS!

For some odd reason I can't find your email address.
I just wanted you to know that God is calling us back to China!!! You can see her on our blog. I posted Monday. Will you email me at


Ohilda said...

Girl, I have SO much catching up to do that it's not even funny!! But, I LOVED opening your blog and seeing those two precious little faces on there. Oh, how their bond reminds me of Anna Grace and Kai. Please remember to let me know when you are coming down to our neck of the woods again. I would sure love me some Ferrill kiddo time...and of course, Mama Ferrill, too!