Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Trimming the Gumdrop Tree!

Kevin's first Christmas with us and he just jumped in there and savored all our holiday traditions as if he has been here forever! Thank you Jesus!

(the story behind the gumdrop tree...)
When I was growing up, my dad would always go out in the woods and cut down a thorn bush. He would place it in a jar at home and we would stick colorful gumdrops on the thorns! Later, he found a plastic little version of a gumdrop tree and from then on we used it instead of the real thorn bush. After Rob and I were married, my sister Lyn found this beautiful silver gumdrop tree and so now I get to pass the "gumdrop tree" tradition on to my children!
I thought everyone knew what a gumdrop tree was, but Kristi, this explanation is for YOU! :)
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Kristi said...

I have never in all my days seen or heard of a gumdrop tree. Please share the story behind this one sometime!

smallseven said...

How long did those yummy gum drops stay on the tree? They wouldn't last 5 minutes at my house!

Joscelyn said...

How wonderful that Kevin just jumped right on in!! Love the idea of a gumdrop tree might have to adopt that one into our family traditions ;-)