Saturday, February 5, 2011

Catching up!

During our week at my mom's house, we were blessed to spend lots of time with MOM of course! but also our Mobile friends....
Renee and her husband Roger were in our wedding. We have been friends THAT long and we are so thankful for their friendship! Ever have a friend that you haven't talked to in six months or even a year, and then when you finally get together, it's like you just talked yesterday? Renee is that kind of friend!

Mom's great patio home provides a perfect little yard for the kiddos to play all kinds of games, have berry fights, make "houses"...and the weather near the coast is so much warmer than home that we got so spoiled!

Kylie's boyfriend Brad invited us ALL (well, Rob wasn't with us and we missed him terribly!) to his home for a wienie roast! His parents were so gracious to invite a mom and EIGHT kids to a campfire!

We had a blast! I'm sorry I don't have a pic of Brad--I guess he and his brother were too busy trying to roast potato chips and donuts! We felt so welcomed and loved and of course we relished getting to spend more time with Kylie and Brad!

More posts to come--Chinese New Year! And...Keith's story!

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