Sunday, February 6, 2011

Keith's Story

Oh my blogging skills. I think I've 'lost that lovin' feelin' because I cannot get a groove on with the blog! I post and the pics don't show up. I accidentally post and it's just pics and no text. ?

So this will have no pictures but if you want to put a face to our sweet little buddy Keith, go HERE! And while you're there, please notice all the other sweeties on that page. See the stars? That means those children have a forever family! PRAISE GOD! See Shaun? We sponsor him and have been praying for him everyday...and we just saw that star this week! YAY GOD! As a matter of fact, this week we found out that BOTH children we sponsor (Shaun at ND and Sam at Philip Hayden) are being adopted! It makes me DANCE in my heart and on my feet that these boys have a FAMILY!!!!!!!!! BOTH those boys in ONE week....thank you GOD!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to see who He leads us to sponsor next!

Our Journey to Keith so far....

In August we saw "Jack" from New Day on Lifeline's special focus list. He was endearing to me and Rob since he has the same sn as Kimmie. He wasn't on there for long and I thought he had his family.

In September we were still 'thinking' about Jack and so we asked Lifeline if they could find his file on the shared list. It wasn't there! Again, I thought he must have a family.

In October we found out he was on another agency's special focus list. (We sent our application to Lifeline to begin the adoption process again. We knew God was telling us it was time, we just weren't sure who we would adopt yet)

October, November, December...I fought the urge to ask our social worker to see if we could get Jack's file from the other agency. Rob and I both really wanted this to be totally God's plan and not our plan. We wanted to be sure, without any doubts, that we were following Him. So we waited. Periodically I would get my friends to check on the status of his file, and each time they would tell me he was still available. Each time, I felt we were supposed to keep waiting.

January...a sweet friend let me know that the other agency released Jack's file back to the shared list. I called Rob and told him this news update. His exact words were "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? CALL KARLA!!!!!!!!!"

It was time. God's time!

Within days Karla got Lily to lock Jack's file and we sent in our LOI and 5 days later we received pre-approval!

We wrestled about a name. We'd called him "Jack" for months. But Jack doesn't begin with a K, C, or Q. What to do? We certainly wouldn't want him to feel left out when he got old enough to understand. :)

So we considered the obvious possibility...the name that made the most sense and would be the easiest transition....


But then we pictured the weird stares we would get from people when we introduced our new son who was obviously not a bald New York cop.

So we went with Keith instead!

Keith's name means "Secure One" and his life verse is
Isaiah 12:2
"Surely God is my salvation;
I will trust and not be afraid.
The LORD, the LORD himself, is my strength and my defense
he has become my salvation."

Sometimes I have to peench myself to remind myself that I'm not dreaming...we really are getting to go back to China and bring another sweet child of God home! Thank you Lord!


Dollar General said...

I was thinking "Q"ack! But that wouldn't be nice either!

So excited for y'all and excited we get to participate through prayer and see God do amazing things!

Love you SOOOOO much Lainie!!

Trace Car Driver said...

love it! i've been waiting on this post to hear all about little keith. god never ceases to amaze me through your adoption processes! can't wait to follow another angels journey to their ferrill forever family! ;o)
love ya!

Football and Fried Rice said...

wowwie, wow, wow!!! i LOVE Jack/Keith!! He stole my heart a while back! SUCH an adorable little guy and a New Day babe at that.

Congratulations - you are crazily blessed!!

Ashley said...

Love this sweet story! I can't wait to meet Keith.

Kristi said...

Kojack? Bwa-ha-ha-ha! I think he'll be glad that Keith is what stuck. ;)
And I so well recall you emailing me and telling me about how Kimmie had noticed Jack. And then I went to the New Day site myself...
I'll anxiously be awaiting the rest of the journey to unfold!
Love you guys!

Southern Cheesehead said...

so excited for you guys!!!! I can't wait for the day that we know what our little China doll will look like!!! I'm trying not to be impatient...that's hard for me though. LOL I can't wait to meet Keith and I'm praying it's while we're all in China together!!

The Princess's Mommy said...

Kojack!!! BWAHAHAHA You crack me up! Can't wait to see that sweet baby home with you all!

Love ya,

The Byrd's Nest said...

I am amazed at His goodness in your family! Praise the Lord you were listening and so close to Him that you heard this call to adopt again:) I love you and cherish your friendship!

Mom to my China Posse said...

I am so happy to be a small part of Keith's journey home to you guys!