Friday, February 25, 2011


You know I've lost the 'bloggin feelin' when my title is so profound.


I love love love to check in on all my bloggy friends!

But do my own post? Not so much. It's not that I don't have anything to say. And it's not that I don't WANT to. It's just that I don't have a lot of time these days!

And then I wait around until there's TOO much to blog about and I get overwhelmed and don't blog at all. Or do marathon blogging.

So here goes an update...

* We got fingerprinted for immigration approval this morning! Next step to Keith: Getting that approval letter and sending it and all our other paperwork to China!

* Carlie has taken a break from horseback for several reasons and I've been keeping my eyes and ears open for a different place for her to take lessons. We've been praying about horseback since the fall. Everyday. And this week Rob got some sort of 'daily deal' email that offered horseback lessons for half off at a farm nearby. After checking it out, we know this is where Carlie is supposed to be for now anyway! Carlie will get her horseback lessons, and my two lessons are: 1. nothing is too small to pray about---God wants to be involved in horseback lessons too! and 2. His timing is so much sweeter and perfect than mine!

* We had an incredible reunion last weekend in North Carolina with two families from our trip to China last year! Emma, Kevin, and Darcy all celebrated their gotcha days together! I should do an entire post about this weekend. But since Kristi did such a great job, I'm just going to send you over there to read all about it! Thanks for letting me piggy-back, Kristi! :)

* We sent a package overseas to some friends of ours. When they received it there was an item in it that we did not send. It was a watch. We have no idea how it got in the box. Except God. Our friend's watch had stopped working a few weeks prior to receiving our package and hadn't replaced it yet!
Lessons I learned--1. God cares about every little thing, even when we need a new watch.
2. When you pray for the Lord to provide what His servants need, He answers!
3. His timing is so much sweeter and perfect than ours!
4. He really will meet your need, you don't have to make it happen yourself. Wait and watch Him work. Nothing is impossible with God!

* In the past two years I have seen God take out of our lives some activities and other significant things. What is it in human flesh that makes us want to replace what He removes? I am really being convicted of that and want to change that.
I'll give you a 'for example': last year our dog and cat died and we replaced them pretty quickly. I washed my cell phone and replaced it the same day. (what if I had waited a bit....I think I missed out on a blessing by taking care of that myself.) Other much more 'bigger' things He has called us away from...and it's hard and we want to run back to what we know and what's comfortable! We can do nothing but obey. Last weekend at our reunion we had a sharing time where we talked about what we had learned over the past year with our newest additions. My sweet friend said something that resonated in my soul: "Sometimes obeying means going through hard times" That is simply said, but couldn't be more TRUE! I would say more often than not, obedience can bring trials and suffering--for HIS GLORY to shine brighter in this dark world! I do know that this time of 'removal of misplaced affections' is ordained by God. I know He is preparing and refining and teaching us. Not for us--but for His Kingdom Purposes. My other sweet friend last weekend said "I can't wait to see what God is gonna do through this trial!" What an exemplary attitude to have! I know God has got something 'in the works' for our family, for YOUR family too. Are we listening to Him?

* On a lighter note, :), I learned how to make Chinese dumplings! And they were YUMMY! Oh yes they were! The best part was going to the Asian market for the ingredients! Felt like we were back in China! And I also made Chicken Lo Mein....yummy again! And to switch countries, did you know that just by adding salsa and some taco seasoning to regular ol' white rice, you can make a mean mexican rice? Yummilito!

* Kevin loves Cheezits. But I'm afraid he's getting confused. When I talked to him about Jesus, he said, "Uh-uh, cheezits not in heabin, mommy....cheezits right dere!" Well, one day he'll know the difference between Cheezits and Jesus! :)


Steve and Jan said...

Oh my goodness! I love that last comment by Kevin! He is too sweet! And, I LOVE Cheez-its too! Sad to think they won't be in heaven (chocolate too), but so glad Jesus will be!!

LOVED your post....all SO true!

Jan :)

Joy said...

Hi! My name is Joy Huber and I was able to find your blog via New Day Foster Home Website. We are currently in the process to adopt Melody. We should be able to travel this summer to bring her home. I noticed that you have a picture of her on your blog and wondered if you had any others of her from your time at New Day. It would really make this waiting Mommy's day to more pictures of our sweet girl. Thanks so much!!

TanyaLea said...

Oh goodness, this is a great post. I love the 'Kevin' story about the 'Cheez-its' and 'Jesus' confusion... too cute! :)

I could totally relate to your intro to this post. Like you, I LOVE catching up on all the happenings in my bloggy friends' lives... but in the mix, my posts often get pushed to the wayside. Not because I don't want to blog, or because I don't have something to post about... I have LOTS... but somehow I just can't seem to find enough 'uninterruped' time. So when I do finally get around to it, it's a big long update post! ;) But know that WHENEVER you post, I LOVE reading about your life and can't wait to follow yet another blessed journey back to ND! God is good!!! <><

I have things to catch up on posting, too... but those will have to wait until our home computer is fixed again. Hopefully it won't be too much longer. I feel lost only getting to check email and blogs once or twice each week. Thank goodness for Hubby's work laptop that is allowing me to stay somewhat in touch in the meantime!! ;)

Have a blessed weekend and thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us. I can't wait to see photos of the horseback lessons... my Breanna LOVES horses, too, so I'll have to share that post with her!! Don't you just love how God cares about all the details... even the seamingly less important ones. He's simply AMAZING!! <><


Our Journey to China said...

Oh, sweet, Laine...we miss and love you ALL so much! We need a Ferrill Familly playdate!! When can we come down? :0) You are so good at articulating to others what God has laid on your heart and through your loving example, God embosses it in other's hearts too. I know He does mine. We could not have been this journey thus far without God's grace and hand on us, especially through you, Rob and your family. God is so good to bless us with new 'family' in ways we could never imagine! (Ok, time to go get a tissue now. :0) PS - Emma keeps talking about "KK", I am not sure what she is saying, but she sure does. How good is God?!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Oh, in love with Kevin!

Yikes - convicting about wanting to replace things. Beth Moore once said that our enemy wants us to return to a place God already called us out of. So true, so true. the enemy would also like us to attempt our own miracles, thank you very much.


But praise God we are a work in progress!

Pandamonium Mom said...

LOVE the cheez-its comment! And I loved catching up on your family.
We get words mixed up here too. In fact, Sunday Hannah wanted to know what "booze" was! When I asked her why, she said they sang about it in kids' church and then procedued to sing "Jesus is the rock and he rolls my BOOZE away!" (instead of BLUES!)
Kids are great!! Can't wait to follow your journey to Keith.

Southern Cheesehead said...

I totally think cheez-its will be in Heaven...every good and perfect gift is from above, isn't it? at least that's what my Bible says. So in my book that means cheez-its..and chocolate..and your butterfinger cookies..with no weight gain...and of course football! :-)
I love this blog post full of randomness....that seems to be my life these days. The season of "not replacing" has been difficult and great all at the same time. Saturday night was a sweet reminder of that. We have learned so much during this difficult time and wouldn't trade it for anything as it has strengthened us spiritually and as a couple. The adoption is increasing my faith in the fund raising department though...I'm not good at waiting. Just sayin'

Kristi said...

Cheeseits, Jesus... I hear the similarity. And cheesits are pretty heavenly! :)
"Ni-haaaww!" (can't you just hear Darcy yelling that at the top of her lungs) about fingerprints! Hurry on up there USCIS, we got friends needin' to get to that sweet boy!
Oh how we look forward to our next visit with the fabulous F family!!
Love and miss each one of you!!!

The Byrd's Nest said...

hee that Kevin:)

This post really spoke to me Laine and I am so grateful for you sharing it. Because instead of being grateful for the trials that I am going through...I have been ungrateful and showing no joy and when that happens...I am clearly allowing the light of Jesus to shine through me. Thank you my friend...I love you.

Paula said...

Hi! My name is Paula. One thing on my bucket list is to comment on your blog before i turn 40. :) I'm running out of time, so here it is! And I love your random post. Thanks for sharing your children with us last weekend ... they never cease to make me laugh!

Carrie said...

Personally, I agree with Kevin. Cheez-its and Jesus are both pretty holy! :) (I especially like the smoked ones... cheez-its, that is.)