Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It was 1:00 in the morning and we awoke with a startle as we heard this tune slowly playing. All confused and muddled, Rob stumbled around trying to figure out where it was coming from. I remembered a music box my dad had brought me from Switzerland back in the 70's. It hadn't worked in years, but I kept it in my bedroom just as a sweet memento of him. Sure enough, it was the music box. And not only was it playing that sweet Eidelweiss melody, but Rob could not get it to stop. It played on and on, relentlessly. As if to say, 'make no mistake, you need to hear this!' Finally, Rob rigged up a Q-tip in the inner parts of the music box to stop the incessant playing. We were so exhausted and still quite baffled, so we went back to sleep almost as if it never happened.

The next morning it was almost like a dream. Did that really happen? One look at the Q-tip propped in the music box confirmed that we really did wake in the middle of the night. I showed the children the music box and told them how it would not stop playing last night. They were amazed and curious and wanted to hear it. We took the Q-tip out and yall, I'm not lying. The music box WOULD NOT PLAY.

We wondered what in the world this was all about. I googled the lyrics to this famous song from Sound of Music. I've always been a huge fan of this movie; it's one of my all-time favorites. I asked God what He was trying to tell us through this song. The lyrics did not reveal any answers. I continued to seek Him for the next few days over this. Although He did reveal other things to me, nothing concerning Eidelweiss.

Maybe He played that song just to get us to seek Him more so He could tell us something else.

Exactly one week from the night the broken music box played its heart out, I was reading a chapter book to the older kiddos. ("Banner in the Sky") It was about this boy in SWITZERLAND who was a mountain climber. In this particular chapter the boy and others met at a tavern. The name of it? The Eidelweiss Tavern. Things that make you go hmmmmmmm...

Again, I knew that I knew that I knew that God was really trying to tell us something. But WHAT? Did He want us to move to Switzerland? (LOL!) Did He want me to begin a flower garden? (scary for my brown thumb) Did He want us to start a singing troop with our kids? (grins) No revelations.

A few days later the kids wanted to watch the Sound of Music sing-along DVD. We had never watched the sing-along. I knew I would hear the song Eidelweiss. I knew I would not be surprised one bit by that. But God did surprise me.

On the sing-along DVD, the actual Von Trapp great grand-children appear on stage (the sing-along was taped in California). One of the granddaughters told a legend about the eidelweiss flower. As the story goes, the eidelweiss blossom grows in the Swiss Alps. It is a symbol of love, honor, and bravery. A gentleman will climb the mountains to pick a bouquet of these little white flowers and bring them to his betrothed. She then realizes the heights he will climb to show her how much he loves her.

And then I knew! God brought us a bouquet of eidelweiss flowers. He climbed the highest height--the cross--to show us His love. He simply wants us to know He loves us. He knows when we need reminding of that. He goes to great lengths to reveal Himself to us, doesn't He? Lots of times I think He's got some big important thing to tell me to do for Him...and He reminded me of the biggest, most important thing that HE LOVES ME. Oh, how He loves me! AND YOU!

Father, I receive your love with humility, gratitude, and love. Thank you for showing us how much you love us! Your love is unmistakable.


leslie said...

Hey, Laine! Maybe Daddy was trying to say hello!
Love you--Les

Kristi said...

Oh I needed to read this today! Thank you for reminding me of His love...

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh how beautiful Laine....I love this and needed it too:) Love you!!!

Our Journey to China said...

Yes, as I sit here with tears rolling down my face, I thank you for reminding me of God's love for me and my family. We love you guys too! :0)

Mike and Barb said...

I'm pretty sure you're supposed to move to Switzerland.

Ashley said...

:). This is so sweet. I want to now watch the Sound of Music. Blessings

Anonymous said...

God's love is amazing, and we don't even deserve even a petal of it.