Monday, April 18, 2011


It is not often that I advocate for children on our blog ...but that may change! I'm warning you now! (sorry for the small pics--God can use faith as small as a mustard seed and He can use teeny tiny pictures to move someone's heart, too! :)

From time to time I pour and pray over the children on Lifeline's "special focus" list. I noticed a little one towards the bottom of the page from Dong Guan "Paul" (3 yr. old with a sn having to do with his eye). We have a precious friend who is legally blind and always 'harasses' us (not really!) about adopting a visually impaired child. She teasingly will say, "You've adopted kids with every other special need, what have you got against visual impairments, huh?" It always cracks us up!

When I went to the yahoo group to look at the specifics in Paul's file, it said nothing about an eye issue, but that he has post-op CHD (congenital heart disease). I was so confused for a few minutes, searching through his file for any mention of an eye issue. Then I realized this could not be the same child, because he was only two years old. Sure enough, there are TWO Paul's on the list, and I was looking at the other Paul!

So I began to read about THIS Paul's heart problem. I noticed he had heart surgery on the same day that Kevin had his heart surgery last year. I began to tear up, thinking about this little guy going through what Kevin went through...but WITHOUT a mommy and daddy to be there with him. Then as I read further, I also noticed little Paul got fluid around his heart after surgery, just like our Kevin. My heart broke. As hard as it was for Kevin to endure the complications from his surgery, my one saving, unchanging truth was that HE WAS HOME WITH US. Thank you Lord at least he was with us. I can remember thinking that over and over and over again.

Little Paul was not home with his forever family to support and carry him through. And yes, God CARRIED HIM!!!!! There are no better ARMS!

Paul and Kevin. In the hospital at the exact same time. Similar complications after surgery. Only Kevin was HOME. Forever HOME. Of course the Lord was with Paul. Of course He was! My momma heart just can't fathom it. Kevin needed us. We needed Kevin! Paul needs a family, too. A family needs Paul! Maybe they just don't know it yet...

I know the Lord directed me to Paul's file 'by accident' for a reason! I know he will be such a blessing to a family--and his family is out there somewhere! I pray he never has to be in the hospital again all alone without his forever mommy and daddy!

Kevin's cardiologist has so graciously offered his opinion on Paul's condition. If you would like information about Paul, please email or you can email me and I will direct you to the right contact! (


Our Journey to China said...

Praying for sweet Paul, saw him this week on the special focus list as well. God is so awesome to 'bring' his file to you. :0)

Kristi said...

I will join you in praying for Paul's family to find him!
I love your heart my friend!

Amie said...
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Amie said...

who deletes their own comments by accident? someone who has been away from bloggy world from too long. seriously. did you get my e-mail? check your inbox. love you!! :)Amie