Monday, April 18, 2011

Potty training is holy ground....

Kevin is almost four and still in diapers...well, that is, he WAS still in diapers until last Friday. I took the plunge.

Why haven't I plunged in before now? One word: Lasix (Okay, one more word--lazy--me being the lazy one :) and as Page commented, we have fallen off the potty train more than once before! LOL!

BUT, after his great check-up at the cardiologist, his Lasix has been reduced!

The kiddos and I took a quick, un-planned trip to my mom's and the beach last week. Kevin did so well in his bathing suit...he did NOT want to go tee tee in it. So I thought....hmmm...he must be ready.

And I *think* he is ready. We've had a few accidents. We are doing the mad rush to the potty that is the signature of every potty training momma/child duo. And it was this morning's mad dash that I heard Jesus whisper to me, "This is just as important as anything else...."


potty training vs. overseas mission trips?
potty training vs. orphan care?
potty training vs. feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting the prisoner?


And God gently reminded me of what I read in Oswald Chambers this morning:
"...we wait with the idea that some great opportunity or something sensational will be coming our way, and when it does come we are quick to cry out, "Here I am." Whenever we sense that Jesus Christ is rising up to take authority over some great task, we are there, but we are not ready for some obscure duty. Readiness for God means that we are prepared to do the smallest thing or the largest thing---it makes no difference.....He can put us wherever He wants, in pleasant duties or in menial ones, because our union with Him is the same as His union with the Father. ('that they may be one just as We are one...' John 17:22) Whenever any duty presents itself, we hear God's voice as our Lord heard His Father's voice, and we are ready for it with the total readiness of our love for Him."

We've been doing a family Bible study on Richard Stearns book "Hole in the Gospel". Last week's lesson was on Matthew 25:31-46. Jesus said whatever we did for the least of these...whether it was feeding the hungry or inviting the stranger in or looking after the sick....we do it as to Him. To HIM! In the study, we were challenged to look upon those we serve as they are Jesus Himself...and to serve as if we are serving Him.

I'm pretty sure potty-training is included in 'whatever you did for the least of these'. And so that means potty training is holy ground! WOO HOO!!!!!! That makes it so much more FUN!

Thank you Lord for children to potty train!


Dollar General said...

I'm trying to train Mary right now...or I was Monday night and Tuesday then we fell off the "Potty Train" Wednesday. It takes SO much patience!! BOO! And now you are telling me it's HOLY GROUND!! Laine, oh how I miss you! I've learned so much from you the past couple of weeks. Thanks for pointing me to Christ and look for what he's teaching me in all things!! Love you friend!! SO MUCH!

Laine said...

LOL...Page I should've said how many times we fell off the potty train too!
I am with you, it does take a ton of patience. wowee lots of patience.
He is teaching me SO MUCH through LOTS OF stuff lately...just praying that I am TEACHABLE!
And I miss you tons....

Kristi said...

Your outlook on everyday things is just one of the many reasons I love ya! We're not (currently) potty training, but thanks for the reminder that many of my daily routines are holy ground!
And good for you Kevin! Keep it up!

The Byrd's Nest said...

It does take alot of patience. Lottie is 6 years old and still wears a pull up at night and still poops in a pull up. She will not do it in the potty! She will hold it for several days if you refuse to give her a pull up. We have tried bribing her with toys, praying over her....I don't know...I just keep waiting for the day that she poops in the potty. She is such a tiny little control freak!!! ha ha