Monday, May 23, 2011

Birthday Party Wrap-Up!

This has definitely been a birthday to remember!

We celebrated Kevin ALL DAY in the midst of dance recitals ALL DAY LONG! (Kevin opened all his presents first thing in the morning so he was happy with his Lightning McQueen and Thomas toys at the recital!)

We cannot thank each of you enough for your time to send such SWEET birthday messages to Kevin! We are printing out the entire 487 comments for Kevin to keep forever. Right now, he doesn't understand the meaning behind this, but one day he will. Can you imagine how blessed he will feel? It makes me smile to think about it!

WE certainly felt very blessed as we read through tears each heartfelt response.

Some of the comments were duplicates, but that doesn't matter! Here's the bottom-line:

487 X $3.00 = $1,461.00

One sweet friend stuck a $20.00 dollar bill in my hand at my girls' dance recital and said, "This is for Roy."

Some people could not comment for one reason or another so we are adding in their e-mail comments....

And so by God's grace, provision, and sovereignty, we are sending Roy $1,600.00 to go toward his heart surgery! I really feel like this is not from the Ferrill's, but from 487 + people who helped by leaving an encouraging comment or prayer. This is from all of YOU, too. :) To celebrate Kevin, and to honor the memory of Esther and Paul and countless other children....

Thank you. Thank you to those who posted about this birthday party on facebook or blogs or emails. Thank you for spreading the fun for Kevin!

And thank you for giving your time to help Roy. Please continue to pray for him and the many other orphans who need surgery ASAP! And if you would like to help out with the remaining amount of his surgery, please go here!

Also, my friend Kathy is having an awesome raffle to raise money for her might be interested in the amazing things she is auctioning HERE!


Football and Fried Rice said...

love, love, love your heart Laine! Bless sweet Kevin and Roy too! And absolutely Paul and sweet Esther - who are perfectly healed now at home. What a blessing is is to ALL OF US who get to be a small part of witnessing His goodness here on earth!!!

Our Journey to China said...

How very precious to have lives celebrated so gloriously! We love you guys!! I just can't get enough of Kevin's sweet smile. :0)

Dollar General said...

I'm super sad about the dance recital! It's the first one I've missed in 6 years... I knew I would have regrets...I've avoided all pictures and now...I've seen it and I regret it! Oh well, maybe - just maybe I will get to see you SOON and give you a BIG hug! I miss you my friend!

Thrilled about the B'day wishes! Also excited to see God provide y'all with the means to do that! You are such an encouragement! Love you friend!!

Kim said...

Oh Laine, Can you please squeeze in one more birthday wish....I am so sorry that I am late. Happy Belated Birthday sweet Kevin. I love how you celebrated his birthday!


TanyaLea said...

AMAZING!! I just LOVE the example you have set, and pray that more people follow in your lead! You and Rob have beautiful hearts, and I am here to tell you, JESUS shines through your loving example!

Glad to hear Kevin had a fun birthday... the first of what I pray are MANY happy and HEALTHY birthdays yet to come! Love him!!

Blessings and Hugs,
~ Tanya

Kristi said...

Again, I love your heart! And I love the idea ~ think I know how we may celebrate on little guy's 3rd birthday later this summer...
Kevin, Ms. Kristi loves you darlin'!

Tanya Hindman said...

Amazing!! Happy Birthday, sweet Kevin! It was SO neat to run into your family Sunday night. What a fun surprise to see ALLLLL those beautiful smiling faces!

Steve and Jan said...

Kevin's smile just says it all, doesn't it?!

Jan :)