Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I really cannot read that word without saying it like Dory did on Finding Nemo! When Carlie was 2 or 3 years old, she would say "ES-COP-AYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!" So hilarious!

Aw, yall are so sweet with all your encouraging comments and heartfelt blessings for our surprise little news of TWO New Day babies! :) I still have to peench myself!

It has been a really good and rough month. Whew. I know most of you know about Stefanie losing her Esther...oh so heartbreaking. We are all praying and praying for continued comfort and mercy to rain down on her family right now. And with the loss of Esther happening the week after little Paul died, it was just almost too much to bear. Esther and Paul and so many other orphans who die everyday...oh Lord what can we do? As I sit and try to discern His voice, I know He is calling us to be His hands and feet. We are praying through what that looks like for us specifically...and I will share more as He leads.

We took a little "es-cop-ay" last weekend. Our 'adopted' college kid Kylie graduated from the University of Mobile! Sigh. I was at her kindergarten graduation, high school graduation, and now college. I still see her in my kindergarten class with her long red hair and frilly lacy dress. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! (no pics of the post-graduation festivities...I was trying to make sure that the littles did not destroy her boyfriend Brad's parents' house! I only had to re-roll the toilet tissue in his parents' bathroom one time, thanks to Kevvie)

It was really good to get away, even for a few days. I am loving that my mom is back in Mobile...we love coming down to that city. The city Rob and I both grew up in! In fact, as I sat at Kylie's graduation, it hit me that it was at the same auditorium where Rob and I graduated from high school! 23 years later. He is sitting on one end of the row. I am on the other end. And we've got 8 kids between us. And 2 more in China. If someone had told me on graduation day in 1988 that in 23 years I would once again sit in the very same auditorium with Rob and 8 kids, I would have laughed so hard. One of those laughs where you bend over and scream "Now THAT would NEVER happen!"


God knows so much better than we do, doesn't He?

Since we were in Mobile, of course we went to the BEACH! It was a great, much needed escape. We have been down there so much more than usual lately. I am so very thankful for these quick, spontaneous trips! In the midst of work and ministry and day to day life, we do not take for granted the rest that God gives us. We soak it up. EVERY MOMENT. FULLY!

Moon-rise over the water!

Can you see the double rainbow?

8 sets of piggy-toes digging in the sand.... one more set of piggy-toes... one more set of piggy toes! We cannot WAIT until all ten sets are digging in the sand together forever!



Great post Muffin!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh I can't wait to see all of those piggy toes too!!!!!!!!!!

It just breaks my heart about Esther and Paul...mostly because they weren't held in the end by a Mommy but they were held by their Father and are not suffering anymore.

So glad you all got to escopaayyyyy to the beach! You know in Spanish that is how you would say escape...see how smart she was when she was younger...she was already speaking Spanish:) Love that girl!

Jennifer Taylor said...

I was behind reading blogs & just read your last post!! Congrats, I'm so happy for you guys! God has truly blessed your family!

Football and Fried Rice said...

UNBELIEVABLE that you are adopting TWO babies from New Day!!!!!!! AMAZING!! Keith & Krisha. I just love it! PLEASE- pack me in your suitcase (for the beach OR China!!)


The closest my man ever came to calling me "muffin" was "Muffin Top" Does that count as a term of endearment????????

uUgs to you!!!!!!!

Alycia said...

We are SO very, very excited for you!
So very sad about Paul and little Esther.
Congratulations to Miss Kylie! She is such a sweet lady!
Next time you "escopay" to the beach, please call us... we would love to see you!

much love,

Anonymous said...

Ok. Now I think we need a spoon for all those adorable toes and the sweet smiles that go with them!

Our Journey to China said...

We truly never know where God will take us - it is so very awesome and humbling! We were down that way last weekend too, for lacrosse...and of course, we enjoyed some breaks at the beach or "BEACH DAY!" as Emma would say. BIG hugs to you guys!!! And I LOVE! Rob's extended 'dad' name - awesome!!!!

Kristi said...

yeah, so ready to see those two extra set of toes digging in the sand with the other eight sets...
And laughing about your reflection of "that would never happen..." We've had some of those moments recently too!