Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sad News

I know that this hasn't been the place of fairyland and rainbows lately...such is LIFE. The TRUTH is that GOD IS GOOD...amidst trials

amidst suffering

amidst sad news

I woke up this morning to the following email in my inbox from Lisa Kelly at Lifeline:

Dear Laine,

I have some sad news and I don’t know how to tell you other than to just tell you. I just received word that our little Paul died. He caught a bad cold and it went into his lungs. I know this is very hard and my heart is breaking as is yours. We become so very attached to these special little ones. Thank you for advocating for him and the prayers you have said. I know he is in Heaven with our Heavenly Father and whole again and that there is no better place to be, but still so very hard.

Little Paul...I advocated for him in this post.

He grabbed my heart because of his heart surgery being last year at the same time as Kevin's.

It is unmistakable why this little guy tugged my heart. God did that. God knew Paul needed our prayers. Paul did not die alone. I know God was holding him. God loved him. I BELIEVE THAT.

I weep for Paul and for what might have been....
The enemy would like us to sink in despair with those thoughts "Oh, he died without a family" or "Oh, he didn't have anyone to hold him" or "Oh, if only he could've been adopted, he might would have received better medical care"

No, I say! Paul DID have a family. US. YOU AND ME, praying for him.

No, I say! Paul DID have Someone holding him! His Heavenly Father who loves the orphans. God did not forget Paul.

No, I say! God is sovereign and HE knows the number of our days (thank you Paula for that reminder)

But still, I weep for little Paul.

I can't help but remember being at New Day last year when little Tristan died. How we sat shoulder to shoulder, knee to knee, and wept for him. Seeing his nannies' red, raw eyes from their grief.

SO VERY SAD. And yet--there is beauty in the grief. I've seen such beauty in grief these days with all the overwhelming loss in the tornadoes. And the Body of Christ bringing LIGHT to the darkness. Maybe that is the beauty in the grief. The HOPE we have in CHRIST. The joy in the pain...

God has a plan in all of this. Was Paul's life a waste? OF COURSE NOT! His little life can bring GOD GLORY still. I pray God will be glorified through Paul, through this post, through this sad news.

And I would be remiss if I did not state the reality that there are millions of children like Paul. And there are millions of people like you and me. And we are commanded to care for the orphan. And it's not too late for millions.

Pray. What does God want you to do? He will show you. Pray more. Where does God want you? He will guide you. Pray even more. What is He telling you in His Word? Pray on your face before Him. Seek Him and He will show you WHO TO CARE FOR.


Ashley said...

I am so sad. So sorry.

Aaron and Erica said...

Oh my is hurting. I'm so sad, but I know little Paul is not sad or broken or lonely anymore. I love you my friend.

Hannah said...

My heart is breaking. It's comforting to know that he was loved, but it's hard to be the one who loved.

Football and Fried Rice said...

beauty from ashes. beauty from ashes. i know that pauls life served an awesome purpose and brought God much delight. I know He is celebrating with that baby right now. and his body, is healed.


TanyaLea said...

Oh Lainey... I am so sorry. I felt this heavy ache fall upon my heart the moment I read your title. But I'm glad to know that littlePaul was known and loved... And that now he is in the arms of his FOREVER Father in heaven. Sending hugs your way. Love you, friend.

CK said...

I loved hearing about your connections with little Paul, the details that personalized his story. I prayed for a family for him after your post. My heart is sad...however we will continue to "Seek Him and He will show us WHO TO CARE FOR". Hugs

The Collier Bunch said...

So sorry to hear about Paul. We share in your sorrow for him.

living4him5 said...

So sad. I prayed for sweet baby Paul. It is comforting to know he's in the arms of Jesus.

Love ya!

The Princess's Mommy said...

Oh my heart hurts...bless sweet Paul. What a comfort to know he is healed and playing in Heaven.

Love you, Laine!

j-chin said...

Though my heart wish for Paul to experience the love of a earthly family, but I know he is finally free from all pains now ... he is Home, safely with our loving Father. God bless every child~

Shannon said...

Thanks so much for writing this...I was praying really hard that the Lord was going to let me be Paul's Mama. I was waiting on my husband's response when we got the news. I still feel heart broken and look at his picture almost everyday. I feel like he did have Mama and that someday I can wrap my arms around him in heaven...thanks so much for remembering him and honoring his life.