Thursday, June 2, 2011

Going Goo Goo

I love love love being able to follow adoption journeys via web or is such joy to be able to see children come to their forever home! I love looking at the changes in their little eyes from that first gotcha day to the day they fly home--that little sparkle that begins to form that says, "I'm getting over the initial shock and am starting to show my little personality!" I love to check in on adoptive families after they come home and watch the amazing strides these children make each week.

I love it!

But you know what I love even more? Getting to follow an adoption journey and then see the children home and IN PERSON! Not just on the web! It is such a neat thing to pray and pray and pray for these families...and then when you get to see them all home together, well it's just like icing on the adoption cake!

Recently we were able to get together with the Hixon family who just came home with their two sweet boys from China...Jonathan and Josiah! We have known the Hixons for many years and were THRILLED when God called them to China to adopt! After waiting for months and months (years, really) for God to reveal His plan for the Hixon family, it was almost surreal to see these boys here in small town Alabama...home!

And I just couldn't stop STARING! I mean, it was like having two answers to prayer sitting right beside me. How could I NOT stare? I tried to use my manners, and I apologized to Rebekah for my awful compulsion to go all goo goo eyes at the sight of these adorable little guys. I remembered when we came home with our adopted children and how people would go all goo-goo over our babies....

And now I get to be the one going goo-goo! I LOVE IT!

Feel free to go goo-goo with's hard not to when you see these CUTIES! :)

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Our Journey to China said...

Oh, Laine! I have not checked alot of blog friends lately - I did not know they were home....Praise God!! What handsome boys!!! God is truly so VERY good!