Monday, June 27, 2011

School Field Trip Eve-Back Post #1

This post was written on Thursday, June 16th as we prepared for our first big trip of the summer:

Tomorrow begins our first field trip of the 2011/2012 school year.

We've been back to school all of 8 days now. :)

But this field trip promises to be one that we can count as full school days, Lord willing and the creek don't rise.

Educational. Historical.

Hot. Crowded.

Fun. Exciting.

Hot. Crowded.

This trip almost didn't happen, then it worked out, then it almost didn't happen again, then it seemed to work out. So the planning has been haphazard at best.

We've been praying about whether God would allow us to go on this trip since winter time. And when it looked like it was going to divinely fall into place, I began searching for lodging that would house our big ol' family.

Then it looked like it was going to divinely fall apart because of the lack of lodging for our big ol' family, and we began to accept the fact that it would be only Rob going on this business trip.

And then I remembered the time we went with Rob on a business trip to this very same place. Nine years ago. The hotel we stayed in was wonderful and large. (of course we only had half as many children). Still, I took a chance, and sure enough they had space available!

I am so excited to be going back to the exact same hotel. Because that first trip was SO MUCH FUN! It was fall, and it was not crowded. Even though our oldest was 6, and I was by myself touring with 4 small children most every day, it was one of my favorite trips!

I will tell you a tidbit of trivia and then you will know where we are going.

I mentioned this city was not crowded nine years ago when we visited it. The reason is because there was a horrible sniper going rampant through the suburbs. People were staying in for the most part because no one knew where he would hit next. It was an awful time for so many in this area. Our friends and family thought we were CUH-RAZY for going while the sniper was loose, but when you go on business, you don't exactly get to pick the timing.

So we went. And we *cautiously* had a blast! We even went to the zoo...and there were about two other families there a ghost town, I tell ya. Halfway through our trip, the sniper was caught, praise the Lord.

That trip in 2002 will forever be in our memories!

We are not sure what this upcoming field trip holds, but we are confident that if we plan with God, He will be glorified!

(BackPost #2 coming up next....)

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Trace Car Driver said...

my guess is washington dc? can't wait to read the next few posts and find out more about the trip! :)
miss you laine!