Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Washington DC BackPost #2

In planning for this trip, we were trying to decide whether to take our 15 pass. van or our 11 pass. Suburban. The van has lots more room, but not such a good track record, if you remember THIS.
The Burb is much more of a comfortable and reliable ride, but pretty squished even with the car-top carrier.

The week before our trip, the van completely broke down as I was trying to pull out of Publix on a busy highway. Oh van. Van, you are really wanting to get dumped in a lake somewhere, aren't you?

Thankfully we live in such a friendly town, and I had plenty of help gliding the van out of the way of all the other cars in the 5:00 traffic. Then Rob arrived to rescue us with that look on his face that said, "I've been wanting to sell this van for two years. NOW WILL YOU AGREE LAINE????" :) But he didn't say that out loud.
So by process of elimination, the Burb won the toss. :) Squishy squishy time, everybody!

After a day of packing and a little schooling, we pulled out of our driveway for the first leg of our road trip at about 6:00 Friday night.

We had a reservation at a budget hotel in S.C. and we arrived there about 11:00 p.m. eastern time and quickly settled the boys in the room with Rob and the girls (& Kev) in my room. It seemed as soon as we closed our eyes, the alarm was going off for us to be off again at 7:00 Saturday morning!
But there were no complaints as we ate nutritious chocolate pop-tarts in the Burb, because although we didn't get much sleep, we were too excited about our next pit-stop along the way. Four more hours and we would be seeing some of our favorite friends in the world!

M-TIME in N.C.!!!!!!!

Oh the delight! Kristi did not even tell Ian or her children that we were coming! She and I had it all planned out:
Since DQ and Candie are pen-pals, we would get Candie to ring the door-bell and Kristi would make sure DQ answered. It would be a wonderful surprise! We giggled in anticipation as we drove up in their driveway.

But lo and behold, my and Kristi's plan had a glitch....DQ and Caleb were in the yard playing when we pulled up! Candie raced out of the Burb so fast to ring the door-bell, because that is what I had told her to do the whole time! So DQ came up to Candie from behind and said something like, "Here, I'll let you in"....and we're all in the car wondering what happened to our wonderfully thought out surprise?

The M-kiddos were thrown for a loop...they knew Kristi had a surprise for them, but I don't think they realized WE were the surprise! In fact, DQ told Candie later, "My mom has a surprise for us today!" And we were like..."We know! It's US!"
Oh it was completely hilarious!

But Ian? HIS reaction was priceless. As soon as he came to the front door to see what all the fuss was about, and he saw us getting out of the car, he BOLTED like lightning, RUNNING to hug Rob! It was SO fun! :)

We intended to spend a couple of hours with the M-Crew...eating lunch, and then heading on to DC. Besides, they were leaving for China to adopt their little Daniel (who is at New Day) just 3 short days later! So they needed to pack and do all the things a Saturday can provide for you to do when you're leaving the country.
But our couple of hours turned into 4 or 5 hours! We just couldn't pull ourselves away and the kids were having a blast. Not to mention us adults were enjoying sweet fellowship and catching up and soaking in the God-given friendship!

Thank you M Family for a wonderful pit-stop. :)
Rob, Laine, their 8 + M3 - 3 waiting at New Day!

Ian, Kristi, their 3 + F8 - 3 waiting at New Day!
(now that's the kind of algebra I LOVE!)

From there, DC was just a short 4 hour jaunt and we arrived at the old familiar hotel in Alexandria in time for a late dinner (we brought all our food because our room had a full size kitchen--we only ate out TWICE the whole week! What a blessing!)

It took awhile to settle everyone down for bed. They were so excited over our big suite and 3 TV's with CABLE, imagine!

It was a wonderful travel day....we are so thankful!


Anonymous said...

Looks and sounds like fun!!!

Jodi said...

What a fun trip! It's always so sweet to be with friends so special!

Desiree' said...

How I wish we were still in DC!! Would loved to have gotten together...

living4him5 said...

Looks like a wonderful trip!!!!

Love to see all the smiles!

Amy <><

Our Journey to China said...

Love this post! What a great trip!!!

Ashley said...

11 in a suburban! Okay, I did not know you could do that!?!?!! Something we may need to look in to. Yall are so much FUN! Can I come along next time and see how you travel.

Football and Fried Rice said...

so sweet to see New DAy family together!!! I LOVE seeing you all in the burb!!! Looks comfy - glad you guys love each other (and wear deodorant!!)