Sunday, July 10, 2011

Washington DC BackPost #3

So here we were 9 years ago....
...and here we are today....
plus four more and two on the way! Only God!

Our first day in DC was Father's Day! Rob got to pick wherever he wanted to go on his special day!

After a yummy breakfast buffet (which could never compare to our buffets in China...oh how we miss those breakfast buffets!), he chose the National Air & Space Museum. We took the hotel's free shuttle to the metro station. Sweet friend in DC that I *met* through the adoption community mailed us metro tickets so we were SET! THANK YOU!
The metro was really all we needed that day in the form of entertainment. You would have thought the kids, especially KEVIN, were on the most thrilling ride in Disney World. They were all grinning from ear to ear as we went above ground, under ground, through tunnels, twisting right and left. (insert mom's regret that she didn't take dramamine)
The only picture I could get of Kevin on the metro because he would not be still long enough..
Kevin was beside himself that he was riding on a 'train'. Choo-chooing and chugging at the top of his lungs---I was really hoping that none of the other passengers had hoped to have even a sliver of peace and quiet on their ride.

We made it to our station, and after we found our way above ground, we got the opportunity to figure out where in the world we were.

By this time it was lunch time and God in His mercy provided picnic tables and chairs in the shade. We decided since we didn't know which way to turn, we might as well eat.

As it so happens, a young girl was trying to find her way to the metro station, and we were able to direct her perfectly. And guess what? She had just come from the National Mall (where we needed to be) so she directed us perfectly there! Thank you Lord!

It was an overcast day, threatening rain, but with the breeze and the reprieve from the heat, we could never complain! We made it to the museum and had a time schedule...lots of foolin' around and being silly....and enjoying a day with Rob!

Upon seeing all the planes suspended from the ceiling, Kevin's little 'airplane hand' immediately went into motion, zooming as far as his little arm would take it...which was all over the world, according to his little imagination!
Then he got both 'airplane hands' in one to one combat...I tell ya, this kid loves to imitate things that GO! And you can tell he's doing his signature "sssssshhhhhhhhh...sssssssssshhhhhhhh" airplane noises as sound effects.

Meanwhile the girls and I branched off to the history of airline stewardesses...fascinating! This was an actual advertisement from the 1960's...and check out her stewardess uniform! My how things have changed!
Our favorite part was looking at all the old stewardess uniforms! Sorry, we just let the guys see all the shoot 'em up stuff. We liked the FASHION! ;)
Again, ridiculous amounts of laughter and fun with the ol' stewardesses. No idea where the guys are at this point!Oh, there they are, seeing how much they weigh on different planets! Well I think we should've stayed with the stewardesses!

This is for Shalita. An actual Mickey Mouse cartoon playing in the Air & Space museum! Even at D.C. there is a slice of Disney World. (We had joked about how similar the trips are...both require LOTS of walking, LOTS of crowds, LOTS of sweating. The big difference is at the end of the lines at Disney, you at least get to ride a ride. At the end of the lines in D.C., you get to see a moon rock or the constitution. I'm not saying one's better than the other...just sayin' they're a lot alike, yet just a tad opposite spectrum of each other!)
Mickey at least provided some relief for our tired feet!

Before leaving the museum, we asked an employee what was the one thing he would recommend that one should not leave the Air & Space museum without seeing...
He said we just HAD to go touch the moon rock. So we touched the moon rock on our way out!

And then it was snack time on the mall! (And nap time for Kevin who wore himself out 'sssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhing' for 3 hours through the museum. :)

We walked toward the Washington Monument (which we couldn't help but call it the Washington Mommy-ent, because when we were here last time, little Clay called it that!) I proceeded to try to get some snapshots but it seems we are ants and the Monument is really tall. Not to mention I don't know what I'm doing when I try to take pictures.
So finally I just took an up close picture, forget the monument. :)

We made it to the base of the monument, where there was a nice platform/bench type thingy that you could lay back on and look up at the monument. Frankly, I think these boys are just tired with a capital T! Not much gazing going on there!

The metro was quite crowded going home. Again, another parallel to Disney World...a crowded shuttle with tired kiddos! Standing room only after a long day of walking! Thank you Lord for children who think that standing up on a crowded train and getting sloshed around is FUN!It was a very fun filled first day in D.C.!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great trip!(:

Football and Fried Rice said...

Wow, your family has sure grown a lot in 9 years (ok, doubled!) I love the idea of the matching t shirts! Have you ever lost anybody? TWICE this past week, I have misplaced two different kids : Carter at a store in the mall and Mya at the pool. Both went to get help from an adult! Maybe it was ME that kept getting lost?

HOW did you do the metro with 8 kids? I must be weak sauce.....cause i could barely do it with just my husband!

Shalita said...

Guess what my favorite part of this post was???? Yes, you guessed it M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!!! Loved reading all about Day One---can't wait to read about the rest of the trip at some point!!!

I do think the Lord is trying to slowly prepare you for a very special trip with the Clarks! ;)