Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Check Out the Chip In Button!

The $2000.00 matching challenge HAS BEEN MET!!!!! That's FOUR more thousand dollars to fund those much needed surgeries for the sweet kiddos at New Day!

When I go HERE to look at the updates on all the children who need surgery, and when I see the words "SURGERY COST COVERED" gives me chills and tears and 'bubblin joy' as Miss Patticake says!

Maybe you gave, maybe you prayed, maybe you posted it on FB or your blog...whatever your part, THANK YOU!!!!!

And if you saw on the link, there are still more surgery funds needed, so if you didn't get in on the challenge, you can still give if you feel led. These children's lives matter so much to our Father and to New Day and to all of us!

Praise the Lord!


living4him5 said...

Praise Jesus!!!!

Praying for you all and your upcoming trip!

Much love,
Amy <><

Anonymous said...

That's Awesome!(: Can you post an update on Keith and Krisha?

Aran Parks said...

Granmart sent us an e-mail about your mission, and I've been following it closely! So excited that you got your LOAs, and hope our new cousins can come home in October! :) Also, I was reading the NDFH blog and found this: It's your precious Kevin!